Thursday, June 13, 2013

JONATHON KILLS SOMEBODY ELSE and gets DRUNK because the guy was an absinthe addict ...6/13/13

He took Tillie home. She didn't want to go and she wouldn't get out of the car..... No, no, I don't want to go in there. Please! Please! Take me with you - she begged......You ignorant, clueless bitch, 'that' I will never do - he said - You think I want to relive all those mistakes over again? Why do you think I left Philadelphia? Please... get out of the car.... But she didn't move and whispered over and over again - Please, please, please, please, please. So he quietly opened the door, stepped out and left her there. Eight heartbeats later he vanished into the darkness.  Tillie sat there crying til dawn. And later that day a nondescript man in a white shirt and dark pants walked up, entered the car and drove away. His 'familiars' have contacts everywhere.

Tillie got a letter directing her to a bank in Lockhaven, Pennsylvania, where she was given a parcel containing a small, Picasso canvas worth 1.2 million dollars.... The woman behind the desk said - He wants you to use some for your brother, for laser treatments. A doctor in State College thinks he can help. It may take years. But the hands, forearms, head, feet he'll clear first. Your brother will be able to go out again. Use the rest any way you want. If the auction goes well, you may get more. And it's already arranged. I don't know why he gave it to you this way, but he did. I don't know. He was agitated. Had a guy drive it up from Philadelphia. Didn't know what was in the box, but he brought it. Can you imagine? Be at Freeman Brothers (two hundred year old Philadelphia auction house) in ten days. They'll take care of everything. And don't try to sell it on your own, because that'll be a real fiasco. Tillie took the parcel and left. When she got home, on a city to city bus no less, and told her brother he laughed. He laughed for the first time in years.

But it's hard for a mortal to forget the magic and she had seen a lot. The world was a new place to her, fluid and ever changing. No more 'Tillie.' She was Taylor now and she planned to study cuisine.

Now to backtrack a bit, Jonathon still killed someone 'that' night. He had to. Maybe it's not just the 'culling' of an evil life? Maybe the blood does provide some type of nourishment? The tattoo man was gone. He was dead. So that part was all right. The vision was fulfilled. Yet he was hungry and the 'hater' boy in the Beaver Avenue (a cozy, college town street just off the PENN STATE campus) tavern was so tempting.... Hitler was right. They should a won the war. Who the hell cares about the death camps? Shit happens. Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews..... Granted, he was an absinthe addict, a growing novelty among the young, but this was John Gallianos all over again and Jonathon wanted to make a point. So he walked the kid home. And when they cut through a dark, leafy alley (or what passed for an alley in this beautiful university town) he opened his mouth and flashed 'the teeth,' actually small and discrete, but keen and lethal just the same.

Yo, dude, what the f*ck is wrong with you! - said the kid. But you could see how scared he was. Tried to run, but vampires are fast. And Jonathon scooped him up as he continued to rise through the ether. Twelve heartbeats later, on a secluded rooftop, he did the deed. The hater-boy was gone. Jonathon watched as the body ignited into a cold, blue flame and disappeared, til all that remained was a little Nazi pin among the ashes...

The hunger passed and he was sated, but the absinthe in the blood made him dizzy...

Was the kid evil, or just  dumb?

Tonight the vampire didn't seem to care....
(more tomorrow)
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