Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is how it happened. Wolf-folk accept confrontations. They expect them. Hierarchy is very important in the canine world. But the human part of the mix complicates things. Real wolves rarely die. They surrender, roll over and 'present.' Winners, possessed of a certain wild noblesse oblige sniff the vulnerable parts, look away and do whatever it is they do after dust-ups like this. You've seen that Caesar dog-whisperer guy. So you know the human 'take' on this.  But the human part prevents such outcomes. Everything is 'shah mat'... The 'king' must die. And Romulus is the king. 

So he stood there on the cool dewy grass of the well tended lawn and faced his attacker. Brothers... twins.... At this point still essentially human, though beginning to display some lupine attributes... The ears change. The gaze intensifies. Musculature sharpens. The stance grows ever more wolf-like. 

And the younger twin spoke first. Remus ran his fingers through his hair, exhaled and said - What's that I smell? ... Romulus stared him down and didn't answer. The challenger grinned. He said - She's buried over there, by the balustrade, isn't she? The Victoria's Secret girl, I mean? What did you do with her wings?.... But Romulus was quiet that way and ignored him, at least verbally, though he carefully studied every twitch and nuance. Body language means a lot to wolf-folk. The battle, when it started would be fast and brutal, like dogs in a schoolyard. 

But then Remus did something. Just the slightest quiver. His lower eyelid. He looked somewhere... Broke his gaze. And Romulus caught it.  There were others. He had friends. Two 'hell hounds,' werewolves forever in the lupine form, but with obvious human intelligence, silently crept from the shadows, bathed in gall and wormwood to hide their natural scent. And Remus sneered as his body continued to change.

But the master of this place had allies too, smaller in size, though greater in number and they began to bleed out from the dark.... Ravens, they were, glossy and black, with bills like knives and strong, sharp talons.

Remus shuddered when he saw them, but it was too late to turn back... and up in the house, overlooking it all, an old servant woman, braver than the rest, peeked through a dormer and cackled like a banshee.

Two heartbeats later it was on... and the flesh began to fly...


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