Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I am an alien spirit. But what does the word 'spirit' mean to me? What does time mean to me? I have been like this for twelve percent of a stars age. And I speak of a star such as you have. None of those bloated, giant, red bastards, or blue-hot diamonds that burn out in fivehundred million 'years.' Feh, who needs them? I speak of the corn-rich, yellow long lived orbs. I speak of your sun. But what is it called? What is its name? Prior kingdoms labeled it many things..... Helios... Apollo.... Everlasting Light... Sunny Jim. Such aliases it has. Yet these days it's been named but once. And they called it 'Kansas.' 'Kansas,' she said is the name of the star..... 'Kansas.' That orb is over four billion of your years old. That makes me a half billion. But don't be too impressed. For we've all been here since the beginning...since 'the big bang.' Only you've been dead til you were born. I was too. But I drew breath so long ago, while your lungs are quite new. 'Lungs,'... I barely remember them. I really don't remember physicality at all. But I like my toys and you... all of you... are one of them. Tonight I will play 'soldiers.' I made them, you know. I fashioned them. Did I make the animals on your world? No, I did not do that. I came later. But I popped them apart and reconfigured a few. Pity all the centaurs died. I think there're a few in Siberia. But I'm not sure. Werewolves are my favorite. Doggie-people. I like doggies. Wonder what they're gonna evolve into say sevenhundred and fifty thousand years from now? I don't mess with them. Well, for the most part I don't. They're too cute. 

Now it's time for me to disappear into the narrative... Ok, here we go...

Remus was still human. But he was ready for the change. His clothes were all discarded. And he did resemble his brother. Twins, after all. And the first one, Romulus, whispered - Will you kill me here, among all these sleeping humans? ..... for the houses of The Garden District were all about. And Remus, though much devoted to books, was impulsive. His henchman stepped  out of the shadows. They were from other packs and not descended from Shimmy Kate. Wolf-folk are like that. Alliances form and shift all the time. I think he found them from an ad in the back of a comic book. Not a super hero comic book. This happened during your nineteen thirties. Well, according to one Earth calender it was. And the coming of Superman was yet to occur.  So they all just stood there looking at each other. Romulus, in that confident way of his, said - Come, let us go to my place up the river. The servants know what I am. Your presence won't surprise them. Let us settle our differences there..... In his heart Romulus never thought anyone would die. Perhaps those 'foreign' werewolves might, but none of Shimmy Kate's children would. So they passed into the lupine form and ran off through the leafy shadows. How swift and silent they were. 

And in the time it takes a human belly to break down figgie pudding (about ninety minutes) they were there,on the broad lawn of an old antebellum estate. I suppose one or two of the staff peeked through the curtains, but no one came out. 

They just pressed their hands over their ears, hid under the covers and waited for the shrieks and howls to stop til the grass was slick with blood.

But no one saw the battle save the crows, who even managed to steal a shred or two...

Wolf meat is so sweet.

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