Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Vampire Tomas and The Witchy-Woman Edith Talk Over Spirits... 10/19/13

I came back with Tomas, a wind sprite from the forest primeval, a place you know as 'Adirondacks.' The witchy-woman identified as 'Edith' knows my brethren from the trees she calls 'The Jersey Pines.' Ask me not my name. I know it not. Perhaps I have one. Some entity or other may have conferred it, but the lilt and rhythm of it is lost to me. 

I vibrate within the mineral and metallic confines of this communicative device you call 'computer.' Such clever beings you are, publicly eschewing magic, yet trapping it in cunning wrappers such as this.

They sit together, Tomas, the vampire and the witchy-woman. She takes comfort from a toddy. He savors the pungent smoke from a candle. 'Autumn spice' I'm told it's called. The witchy-woman trades for them at a place known as 'Yankee Candle.' They occupy (the two of them) high, stool-like seats in the kitchen, though the space so defined is far grander than any such place I have ever tasted. Granite and murdered tree floors and such as that. It's dark. The vast, 'hot' (dense with souls) city sleeps. Dawn comes, but not yet. He tells her things and she listens. Witchy-folk, being inquisitive by nature, love new things.

A 'ghost' or more accurately body-free spirit from the basement listens too. They know of his existence, yet not of his presence at this time. The disembodied soul is very quiet and discreet. 

Tomas tells her how alive the world is... how every part of it resonates with sprites, such as myself and other things too. Some think on a human level. Some far beyond. She says she knows. He nods. Witchy-folk are like that. He tells her of isolated Red Paint settlements far to the north in the mountains fleshy beings call 'Laurentians.'  She says she knows that too, for some Red Paints dwelt where she's from in the 'Pines.'

And the kid he rescued two nights ago is with them too, sitting off to the side at a table, trying to levitate a yellow, plastic, banana shaped refrigerator magnet. See, I learn fast. But it's easy to learn vibrating around in a magical tool such as this.

Shhh, the 'angry birds' and pornographic vixens inhabiting this place ready for battle. This wood sprite wants to watch...

Magic has returned to the vast assemblage you call Philadelphia. Not that it ever really left. But with the arrival of Tomas (also known as Jonathon) the cupboards and hidey-holes are open again. Such an infinite number of entities. It's like a veritable zoo to me.

Adieu, the vixens call...
(more next time)


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