Saturday, October 19, 2013


I don't have time. Keep up - said the vampire known as Tomas.... and the kid he rescued a few nights ago shoved the empanada into his mouth and hurried off. I can imagine how old a street cart empanada is at twelve thirty on Saturday night. but I'm not sayin' nothin'. Kid's gonna  be a 'familiar,'.... a night-folk 'helper.' Tomas gonna set him up with two 'morning show' deejays he knows.  He gonna be like the Baa-Baa Booey and that is a very respected comedy position. 

Tomas got on his usual outfit. More like a uniform. Got the cool, leather bootkins.. the skinny, black jeans.. white tee shirt... He got the leather jacket, but don't got it on. 'Familiar' kid totin' that. Gonna call him 'Scratch.' Be like Robin, only not with no leotards. Kid ask Tomas what he 'sposed to wear, but don't get no answer.  Vampire in a hurry. He wanna get there and don't wanna sublimate through nothing on account a his hair. Got it just perfect tonight... all lose and wavy and hangin' jus' right. You know how he be with his hair.  Wanna get some ink too. Think he be watchin' too much a The Voice.  But it not gonna make no difference. Vampire skin shed Tattoo after one lunar month anyway.

He got date with Aura and Silvia. They mole gals from them tunnels below the subways. Don't know if they the same Aura and Silvia from before. But that don't make no diff. Mole king always got two gals wit' them names. Used a think they was his daughters. But they not his daughters. They just his Aura and Silvia. That make more sense, seein' how he like to sponge 'em down and all. 

Edith say Sarah comin' back. She get message in front part a her head. Not the outside a her head... the inside, where the brain be. She a mind reader. She a lotta shit. Also make good waffles. Sarah Tomas' vampire wife. Not like Morticia Addams, though. She more casual like. Wear sports brassiere... sneakers... lady fruit a the loom panties. Look like gal from Rocky Horror Show. Janet, I think she be. 

Tomas takin' side street. Don't like when people look at him. Some folk see him do his superhero shit. Take picture. It all over . Now he 'Midnight Rambler.' That his name. Paper cut it down. Call him M.R.... Now he 'the Dark Mister' too.  Don't wanna say, but he like that a little bit better. 

Samson Street, where they is, narrow, little place. Got all kind cozy, weird store there too. Go down steps to get in 'em. Look like that street where Parry Hotter shop . 'Cept if you start wavin' 'round no wand you gone get beat up. But it real quiet now. Folks gettin' drunk somewheres else. Stores all closed up too. 'Cept for one. It The Scorpion Lady. She got ev'ry kind you could want.... black ones... gray ones... big ones... red ones... Some got pretty faces if you look at 'em real close. Not like people pretty. But for bug they is.  She got 'em in little glass boxes... like poisonous jewelry wit' legs. It dark in there, but not real dark. Got tiny, little bedroom lamp all over... on shelf.. on table... on case.. Got ticky-tock clocks... wood floor... silk wall paper. Dark red, I think it is. Tomas say it hide the blood. 

Vampire and the kid hop down steps and knock on door. Scorpion Lady say 'hi' and let 'em in. She listnin' a somethin' on her 'pooter. It like a lap top 'pooter. She watch real good songs and funny stuff on it. I do hoo-doo and get site outta her head if you wanna know. It ~> ... You can go there now if you like, 'cause I think them sites never close. Think some a the funny stuff got Jimmy Fallon. Ev'body know 'bout Jimmy Fallon. Specially vampires what stay up late. 

Scorpion Lady say - Where you goin'?.... Tomas say - Why you ask?.... Then he smile, cause he know she know..... She say - Who that?..... Vampire go - He my new 'familiar.' I gone show him the ropes...... Then he go - Yo, lady, open the door..... She unlock two, old, heavy, wood door back in a corner. Look like a cupboard, but it ain't. Like a elevator shaft it is. Big an' dark. But it ain't got no elevator, just two, old, thick, hemp ropes hangin' all the way down in the dark..... Tomas stand over by the edge and motion inside. Then he say - Behold!.... Kid go - Behold what?.... Tomas say - Behold them. They the ropes.... Then he give kid drop a his blood to make him stronger an' they grab on. Climb all the way down. Go like a hundred and fifty feet... Down pas' subway. Down pas' other shit. Got like human bones wedged in a niche. But I not know what they from.

Mole-folk live at the bottom. Got a tunnel down there but it dark. It real dark. Only light come from rat eyes. You know how they shine orange an' all? But long way down come a yellow glow, like from a can a Sterno or somethin'.

Dark Mister an' Scratch (that they new names)  creep toward it....

But that for tomorrow night...


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