Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Von Trapp Singers (Music Video) ... that willkravitz (we know it's really Billy Kravitz) who blogs for the vampires has a tie in to this... 12/6/13

Baylah's back at the piano bar. She and the genteel drunks was watchin' The Sound of Music tonight. Piano player still there. He don't sing though, not loud anyway. Plays along to songs in the show. Genteel drunks all hum. You know a lot a dopes thing Eidelweis really IS the Austrian national anthem? And the other dopes who disagree think it's Throw The Jew Down The Well... Maybe not that song, but something just like it.

They watched that show at the townhouse too, 'cause wilkravitz' mother played Sister Margareta on stage. Stage nuns got to sing more. Talked a little more too. Everybody in showbusiness served time with them Von Trapps. Think it like a 'union' thing. Sarah likes that story. She go - Awww.... Cries when they sing Climb Every Mountain too. Tomas say he knowed vampire nuns in Europe, back in the day. Vampire monks too. Used to let their hounds lick up the left over grease after victim burn up. Some a them dogs get vampire-ish too. Them what's in charge don't care 'cause vampire dog don't crap on no floor no more. Then Tomas sing us Gregorian chant. It like old time gospel for them what ain't got no rhythm. This Mister Never You Mind talkin'. I had a brother got himself catched by them Nazis. Jazz man over in that Europe place. Think he in Paris. Everybody say - What you care? No Nazi gone come over here.... But they do come. They come real fast when nobody lookin'. You know French people is easily distracted, 'cause they always doing stuff, like diggin' snails out a they shells, or washin' they cootchies in toilet sinks an' all. When Nazis do come, they start grabbin' folks. Most get sent to camps, 'cept they not really camps, 'cause ain't got no trampolines or weenie roasts. They just waitin' rooms for gettin killed. Lucky folks get gassed. Make 'em breathe in acid crap in big old garages full a naked cryin' people. Spit up lung meat, blood and all. L'il kids too. Them what not lucky burnt up in pits. Make 'em lie down. Shoot 'em up a little. Dowse 'em with gasoline. Drop a match an' go WHOOSH. Folks shriek and scream an' all. Shake a lot. Naked part the same, but rest of it completely different. African folk what got catched not go to camp. Army guy shoot 'em up a back alley. That what they do to my brother. He a disembodied spirit too. But I think he workin' Hawaii.

After show wilkravitz say it alright if night-folk wanna go out killin' folks. He doan care, 'cause Edith make a sweet potato pie an' he want some. Conrad say he want them little suede pants like Nazi boy got. He not no Nazi. He jus' like 'em. Leo tell him to go to hell.

Tomas start speechifyin' in Vahmperigo, but nobody know what he say, 'cause they not know old time vampire talk an' he the only one can read minds. He 'memberin' when them old time Nazis, them 'Crusaders' try an' burn him. Thousand year later he still dream 'bout it. Nobody like a get burnt up. I know, 'cause I an expert on that.

Later, when vampires do go out (not to kill folks. They doan always do that) wilkravitz get his pie an' he glad he watch that show, 'cause his mama once in it back in the day and all.

Got some Von Trapp kids singin' down below. Go look. If you wanna read more a our pixilated stuff, click on this ~> MORE PIXILATED STUFF and this for Twitter ~> WHERE BILLY KRAVITZ IS ... please leave COMMENTS 'cause we loves them too. Now go see them Austrian, yodelin' kids. 

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