Sunday, December 15, 2013


Initially they slept at a hotel. Tomas has connections all over town, so it wasn't too hard to arrange. The two elferinos and two elferinas were given suites in a rather posh boutique establishment overlooking The Old State House, known to out of towners as 'Independence Hall.'  Roland smiled. He said he remembered the venerable edifice from earlier nights. It was cheek by jowl with bookshops, bakeries, chandlers,oyster houses, tailor shops and counting houses back then. Much grander now, what with green swards and charming, brick pathed grounds. The others recalled those nights too, but kept silent, considering their loss and all. 

Management knew just what to do. This wasn't the first time night-folk stopped there. Four months ago a rather rock and roll British comedian and his Quebecois, former model, vampirina girlfriend took a suite on the fourth floor where they drank ice filled tumblers of Grey Goose all day. These four should be easy. The rooms all have room darkening shades and not just shades, draperies too. 'Housekeeping' is quite discrete. They can even put cots in the bathrooms if the 'guests' are afraid to sleep so close to windows. You can serve a catered diner in the granite and marble en suites they have at that place.

Contractors were brought into the townhouse, where they altered the lower level, constructing four, snug, walnut paneled sleeping chambers. Like bed-sits on a train they were. Each one fitted with wall mounted, flat screen (is it still necessary to say that?) televisions and wifi. Vampires might hide from the sun, but they don't always sleep.

Sarah said - Let me chose the linens..... Tomas didn't care. He assumed she'd do that. Or maybe Baylah, or Edith, or somebody. So she joined the Christmas throng one evening and went to Macy's, where she found eight hundred count Egyptian in an ivory shade well suited to the walnut veneers. I think she bought pillows of all types and duvets, but I'm just a disembodied spirit narrator and not particularly well versed in the decorative arts.

The elferinos and elferinas were quiet when they moved in. Unlike the hotel, this was for the long haul. Besides, they still missed the caretaker's wife and on their first night back went to visit her grave, right next to the resting place of her little one. The shrubs and trees were bare now, but the setting was still quite nice.

Afterwards they took little drinks from passersby on South Street. Their type can move so rapidly people hardly notice the bites. .Mortals are rarely drained to death. Elferinos and elferinas are not like that.

And so the night world moves on. Marianne and Roland and Celeste and Albion were 'home' now. Though they would have to learn how to come and go from the house without drawing undo attention.

For some mortal neighbors can be real rats....


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John L. Harmon said...

I'm not sure if the idea of little drinks amuses me, scares me, or makes me want to spray a can of bug repellent over my entire body!!!!