Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Before she left the townhouse, Sarah caught a bit of Jimmy Kimmel and she didn't like when Mark Wahlberg said he doesn't go to late mass, 'cause he sees too many people who try and give him scripts. Said he goes for scripture and not for scripts. But don't he realize some of them people just want the same chance he has? Don't he realize minus an 'in' they gonna die with them stories. Services ain't just about pretty music and feel good talkin'.  Brightening the corner where you are has something to do with it too. And thumbin' through a couple dreams ain't no big thing. Maybe he should go twice a day? Sarah didn't like how he give his kids bee-bee gun too. Don't say nothin' in no Bible 'bout bee-bee gunin' up you kids. I am the disembodied spirit narrator known as Mister Never you Mind and I am pretty sure 'bout that. 

She left after he done his talk-bout-my-movie time. Did save commercial part for the end though. So guess he was a little bit shamed. I jus' tellin' you what she say. Sarah gone kill somebody tonight. Had a vision an' everything. But she know how bad the guy what gone be killed is when she 'wake too.
She know from Masha and Mrs. Hudge. Masha like a cleaning woman. Comes in to help Edith once in a while. Edith a witch, but she can't make no rags dance. Need a old fashioned borned-in Europe-lady for that.

Masha take Mrs Hudge to the doctor. She gotta go there a lot. Masha go wit' her 'cause  Mrs. Hudge got taters in her ears. Don't know technical name for it, but that what she got. Plus her heart all f*cked up too. She get pills for that an' he take her blood every once in a while cause it part a the show. 

But Masha got this thing on her face. Live right on her cheek, next door to her nose. First it pink. Then it red. After that light brown. Later dark brown. Then it cancer. Then she die. An' that doc been lookin' at it for a long time. She sit there right in that room when he bleedin' scratch outta Mrs. Hudge. Got bright lights in there an' everything. He know Masha a poor woman. He know she ain't got no pay-the-doctor policy. He know all that, 'cause she talk all the time. But he jus' keep his mouth shut an' don't say nothin', 'cause ain't no money in his pocket.Could a saved her. Coulda said - Look here, Masha, why you not let clinic doctor take a look at that?.... But he don't. Mrs. Hudge cry when she die. She gettin' bad too.

Sarah gone get that doctor. She gone fix him. An' she know what in his head,'cause she good at that e.s.p.. Live close by too. Got a house what been wrote up in a magazine. Got a wife what a doctor too, but she a nice one. Don't double book or nothin'. Take what pay-the-doctor policy give her. Don't ask for more. Don't take no less, but don't take no more.

Sarah slip in the back garden. They got one jus' like vampires do.. Fella come an' fix it up. Got Chinese Cabbage in it now, 'cause it winter.  Dog what they got shit itself out there an' he keep it company. Sometime he pick it up. Sometime he leave it for the garden fella. 'I pay him money. Let him grab some shit.' That what he say... the doctor, I mean.

They got a little shed fill a patio furniture an' citronella candles. She hide in there. Sublimate right through the wall. Doc say - What you doin', dog? Shit already!.... But dog don't wanna', 'cause  it know a vampire in the house. An' Sarah don't wanna make no big thing outta this. She jus' wanna kill him. So she open the door and step out. Got her puffy down jacket on, 'cause this ain't nothin' fancy.

He got a whiny, high pitched voice an' he go - Excuse me! Can I help you!? Can I help you!? Who are you? How you get in here!?..... Dog look like it know somethin' unusual gonna happen. 'Cause, you know, dog like a see things. An' when Sarah go over an' bite his neck, pooch hide under chair and peek out.  Don't try to save him, though.  'Sides, it the wife dog anyway. Twenty one heartbeat later he dead. An' 'fore he spontaneously combust into blue flame an' disappear, she snap off his gold Rolex. Wanna give it to Masha's grandson. 

When she leave, dog run out an lick up the grease. Fire don't burn everythin'. Wife never find him. Nobody find him. Jus' another mystery in a old (though thoroughly renovated ) house, on a cobbled street in Philadelphia.

Took his ring for Mrs. Hudge too..... Best thing he ever done for her...


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