Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TURN! TURN! TURN! (Lyrics) - THE BYRDS... the Vampire Known as Tomas likes this... 12/3/13

Still, Tomas is, after all, a vampire and that means he has to kill... not always, but sometimes. This night is one of those times. He had a vision. They come to him, you know, roughly once a month. Often tied to the phases of the moon, though not always. He saw a face and felt a soul, so he rose from his place, prepared himself and left. Edith saw him go, but she said nothing and went back to scrambling her eggs. Mortal housekeepers, even Jersey Pine Barrens 'witchy' ones, need food, you know.  And Sarah, his consort, just slept, preferring to rise a bit later. Younger night-folk are like that. The purple light at dusk frightens them, even powerful newborns like her. So she stayed in the warm. safe cubicle and dozed.

Most nights Tomas is very particular. He likes the way he looks... black jeans... black bootkins... white shirt. When it's cold he wears a trim, long sleeved silk, t-shirt thing under it, but just for comfort. Chills don't threaten him.

Tonight he didn't care so much.... blue jeans.... a turtle neck... knit cap pulled down low over his brow and ears... How small and delicate his face looked. An eighteen year old 'mortal' face. When he turned the collar up on his leather jacket, you hardly saw him. So he walked the streets, hands thrust deep in his pockets, warm muffler 'round his neck. Sometimes he liked the cold. This time he didn't. 

The girl was lonely. Her apartment was cold. The furniture worn and sparse. She couldn't afford any better. The guy at the bar and grill... really a nice, little place...more like a restaurant, used to let her sing. She liked that. But then he died and his nephew, the new guy, liked piano players.  He liked Briana too (she was the other hostess)and made her into a sort of assistant manager. Eight weeks ago they had a meeting... cut the staff. Fired a few people. The lonely girl was one of them. She tried to get a job at the internal revenue office, but the woman told her they weren't hiring now. She tried selling her blood, but the woman at the blood place told her she had shitty blood. I don't know if that was what she said, but look, what the hell difference does it make? Had a checking account. Not much. Was like twenty eight hundred dollars in it. Most of that came from selling the furniture. Her mother had a real good dining room set. Henredon mid century I think it was. Died two years ago. Now she had nobody. No, really, nobody. Not even cousins. Mother taught school... small building. Had two lady friends. They came over for a while, but one moved to Florida and the other one died too. Fell over a broken balustrade at the mall. Like a railing or a barrier it was. Just like one a them almost pope guys from The Da Vinci Code... all dead and splayed on a cold, shiny marble floor with dark, red blood juice poolin''round her head. Made all the papers. Her kids sued for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Got one point one million. Walked away with five hundred and fifty thousand. Lawyer walked away with the rest and his mom was still livin'. Wonder what he'll grab when she goes...

Lonely girl wants to kill herself. Ain't got no boyfriend. She looks alright, but she's one of those pathetic things. Real quiet. Don't say much. Neighbor was gonna help her put her songs up on You Tube, but he lied. 

And Tomas knew he couldn't save her. Might give her some blood. Get her to take a drop or two. Fix her up a little. But her spirit was gone. She was dead already. She really was. It wasn't clinical depression. Clinic got nothing to do with it. This was just a nice, quiet, sheltered girl who didn't feel safe anymore. And she just wanted to go home. So Tomas was gonna send her. ... Not like he didn't have a vision. 

Sublimated through the front door. Went up two flights. Sublimated through another door. Little dog in the next apartment whined, 'cause it knew what he was. Could hear it right through the wall. Place was dusty. Sad people like dust, 'specially when the shades is down. 

Lonely girl all curled up on the bed. Got blankets all around her. Head all covered up. Nose stickin' out. Not just her nose, but like her mouth and her chin too. Long as she livin' she might as well breathe..... Tomas go over. Don't even take off his cap. Sets himself down on the bed. Touch her head. Vampire tell a lot by head-touchin'. He know she wanna die. Not 'cause she wanna be eternally unconscious. She jus' wanna be someplace else. So he do it. He help her. He kill her. Don't take long, 'cause she so puny an' all. An' the blood do taste good.  He try not to think about it, but it do.

Then he wait til the blue flame come and burn her all up. Not the bed. Not the blanket. Just her. Blue flame funny that way. Little dog next door bark some. Must smell it all. Actually, it a real nice dog. Wants a yard real bad. 

Tomas sublimate through exterior bedroom wall ('cause he don't wanna see nobody). Rise up to the rooftop and run away.

When she die, jus' before she drift off, girl say 'thank you.' It just a whisper, but that's okay

Later on, back at the townhouse, Sarah bleed him a little. She cut his finger tips with razor blades and collect  what drip out in empty, glass, sample perfume vials. Gonna use it to help folks live. 

That's how it is...... Life goes on..

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