Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust 1933..this gonna be the theme song when 'wonderland' goes cable... 2/9/14

 Whatever they did, Tomas and Luna I mean, Grigori Usipov (in his new body) began to heal. His eyes began to focus and if the images weren't sharp, well, that was better than nothing. Hearing still a little off, but Doctor Franklin was sure that would come along too.  So they continued dosing him with tiny vials filled with Tomas' blood. Franklin felt being 'older' and all it'd be more efficacious that Luna's. It's funny. She is officially a vampire now, but I don't know what she think's she is. Still likes doing her doctorin' and wearin' them crisp, white lab coats. Can't absorb human food. She tried and threw up chicken nuggets and hot apple pie all over some McDonald's on Seventh Street. Kid gave her a dirty look. She told him to drop dead and go to hell, 'cause she's sick and can't help it. Tomas got her a little round, cardboard container of foil wrapped bullion cubes. Got chicken flavor. Got beef flavor. Figured since they don't have a lot of calories, they don't have much food value and maybe she can handle that. So far, so good. She dissolves them in this little tea cup Franklin gave her. He says he got it from Marie-Antoinette herself. It is French, but so hard to determine date, as so many styles continued on for decades. Tomas says he probably pinched it from Versailles when nobody was looking, or maybe it's just an Edwardian reproduction picked up from some auction house on Walnut Street. Ben Franklin was known for his naughty, little tricks. 

They let Usipov swim with the mer-folk for therapy. The facility is really very nice. Big grotto-like tank, underwater rocks.. fine sand bottom... a few cleaner varieties of bright, little fish. Ariel would be quite at home. They're not prisoners, you know. The mer-folk, I mean. A truck from the bureau picks them up off a remote pier down on the Delaware Bay side of Cape May County. Takes some back. Brings some in. It's been that way since they started repopulating the shallows and estuaries. So far few sightings or run-ins with 'civilians.' Them fishy-folk (really more cetacean) are good that way. Old ones, like the wrinkled-up Sea Hag who lives here permanently, can go a bit batty, but what can you do... what can you do?

Tomas went back to the townhouse... last night, just before four in the morning. Right before I went to bed. If you were on Twitter then, you already know this from when I told you my stomach hurt and I couldn't post anything. Yeah, it's me, Billy. But you know what I find when I blog? Mister Never You Mind seeps through. He likes to talk, that one. I don't mind. A true creole gent he is. You know, I've never seen him. The only one I've ever laid eyes on is Johannon and that only happened a few nights ago. Well, the little boy in the basement, maybe. But he doesn't count, 'cause he was here (in this particular residence) before we were. 

Leo met a girl. He claims she knows and doesn't care about the night-folk part. Conrad says she looks like (his 

words) ' a bony old hippie thing.' Thinks she's a Wiccan. Probably imagines vampires are too. My God, what people think about them. Edith tells him to be careful. He can't kill her. He can't feed on her. He gets all nervous and fidgety and says he knows. Girls father owns properties in Center City, mostly east of Broad. Look, half the people in South Jersey, or the city, or the Main Line would recognize the name right away. And the other half... well, who cares about the other half?..... Oh, don't mind me. Living in a big, old Society Hill townhouse like this does that to people. Shhhh, listen to the clocks. Tick... tick...tick. And Downton Abbey's on in the family room. I can hear a little of it in the kitchen. Big doings tonight. Big doings here too.

Sarah wants to take in a child, a little witchling. Mr. 'Edith,' our Edith's husband brought her in from The Pine Barrens. Some forest families take to such things. They look for it and foster it. Others drown such infants. Well, 'drown' is a nice way to say it. What they really do is leave them in the marsh for the snapping turtles. And these are big, alligator snapping turtles. Not that it makes much difference. Says they call her 'Boopsie.' Appears to be nine, maybe ten months old. Cute little thing. Smiles... gurgles... chubby. Got her in Edith's room. Conrad (he is the strangest vampire you could ever meet. think John C. Reilly from STEP BROTHERS) found a Jacksonian era cradle in storage and brought it down. All wrapped up in a quilt it was. Looks new. A good dusting. A little polish. All set. Bet that quilt's valuable too. Ought to go 'google' it. Elferinas say they'll help with the baby.  Sarah's already arranged for a medical doctor to advise on formula and all that. He says a wet nurse would be best. Tomas says the house is Thirtieth Street Station already. Doesn't want too many outsiders about the place. Edith rolls her eyes and says - Too late for that.

They're with the lawyers right now. Sarah wants things done right... trust fund... securities... bank accounts... all that. Tomas says - Who's going to take her to Gymboree? .... She doesn't answer. 

Haven't seen her do any 'slight of hand yet.' Of course if she did it'd be purely instinctive. She's not even a year old.

The little ghost boy, the polio victim, in the basement, says he saw her climb the draperies.... Just like a cat - he said.

But paranormal beings tend to go on so...

Hope you listened to the music up at the top. It's to be the theme when we go to cable.


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