Thursday, March 13, 2014

The 'Born Witch' PIG BLOOD ANNIE Just Doesn't care... 3/14/14

Real witches, powerful witches don't like bein' played with. And that includes in a physical manner 'less they callin' the shots. So you don't mess with them. You say - Yes, ma'am... and you say - No, ma'am... and You want me to get you a nice cold iced tea, or maybe hold some shit-ass down so you can stomp on they belly?..... Then best run away an' hide, 'lest she start lookin' at you.

Sometime they shrink people down, like to a sardine and mash 'em up with mayonnaise for like a sam'itch. I seen one itty-bitty-ize a snot-nosed kid and shove him down the neck of a coke bottle. Then she pour throw-up and maggots in it (I think it her throw-up, but I do not know who the rightful owner a them maggots is), shake it up real good, til everybody start dancin'. Snot-nosed kid go completely dead soon, 'cause he got low throw-up tolerance. That like a medical thing. Witch not thoughtless, though. She do send like a video to snot-nose mama. She cry and cry and cry. Witch feel bad, so she give snot-nose mama year supply a Tasty Kake chocolate cupcakes. That way she not cry so much. 

Now you know I talkin' 'bout 'born witches.'  They not gotta learn nothin.' Got the hoo-doo stuffed inside they bones. You know that little bone you got right up top you heinnie? What doctahs call - the tailbone? What nasty son-a-bitch call 'the coccyx?'  That where it is. That where all the magic go. That way you jus' pop a fart an' BOOM, magic time!

Pig Blood Annie want her grandbaby real bad. She gone hug it and kiss it and make french toast (outta mostly real French people). She gone make nice, little, spinnin', flyin' thing for over it bed. But that not magic. She jus' knot fishin' line round baby bat feet an' let 'em go. Hope grandbaby like guano.  Right now she stompin' down county road 561 in Jersey.  Can't miss it. She the big, WOW-size, mama in flip-flop and house dress.  Like Jabba-Hut got a sistah.... a big mean white lady sistah who 'splode all the folks gettin' off bus wit' a fart 'cause she feel like. I do like how she wear her hair, though.

Little Joe, her skinny, dirty husband know she comin'. He got like a tickle feeling. Edith say it jus' impetigo, 'cause she not gonna want him get juiced up. He ask Edith if she gone feed him filet 'cause Baylah give him one last night. She say  - No, you gone get corned beef sam'itch and split pea soup.... Little Joe smack his lips. Piece a spit fly right in a Sarah's malf. She just sittin' there drawin' backward mermaids wit' a Sharpie. Them mermaids what got fish from waist up an' bare, naked lady parts from waist down. No arms, jus' fancy fins. Wear high heel too, 'cause that make it more artistic..... Sarah go - Ewww, you dirty, son-a-bitch.... Then she gargle Clorox from under sink, 'cause she a vampire and it not gonna hurt her.

Pig Blood Annie chase a stuck-up dog breedin' lady outta her house, 'cause she hungry an' wanna chomp on all them puppies. Puppy-daddy doan care, 'cause she give him two hundred dollah. Puppy-mama pregnant for life, so you know she one crazy bitch.

Pig Blood reach in cage, grab little puppy, turn 'round (so other puppy doan know), open her malf real wide, like she a Monty Python cartoon, or picture from Alice In Wonderland book and suck it right down. Then she belch an' do it again. 

Stuck-up dog breedin' lady husband clap every time and go - Wheeeee!.. 'cause he like people what can do tricks.

Tomorrow she gone cross over Benjamin Franklin Bridge an' be in Philly... Would a been here earlier, but had a go back 'cause she left someone burnin'...


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