Monday, March 17, 2014

THE EVIL ELFERINO, PETER senses the 'Born' Witch's Approach and Hides... 3/17/14

He took the baby and left. The other elferinos and elferinas were free now. No force kept them in the never used mausoleum. So they regretted their superficial infatuation with the powerful one and flew back to the townhouse. Tomas was watching television when they arrived, a film version of Edith Wharton's House of Mirth. He likes old stories... great families in great houses, because they recall his mortal days in Old Spain. Look how he sits in the chair like a throne. 

The juvenile, elf-like vampires didn't say a word. Edith served hot tea and they drank it gratefully. Tomas said - So, where's your fearless leader?.... But none of them looked up. Even though they're rich in years their minds are still so childlike. Tomas himself would have been the same had he been transformed a few years earlier. 

None of the vampires went out. Conrad was 'sick.' Yes, night-folk suffer certain maladies too. And the really very new vampirino was scared. He had a sublimation incongruency Relatively inexperienced vampires get that. Leo and he were out gallivanting. Well, Leo was gallivanting. Conrad was merely along for the ride. They were at a certain place, a so called 'gentlemen's club' up in The Northern Liberties, just west of Old City. Twenty dollar martinis. Thirty nine dollar steak sandwiches. And quasi-poxied bitches hiding prostitution behind the screen of not-quite prostitution.  Leo does like his lap dances. You know what they do in those places? They keep the thermostat turned down low. Oh, not just to save money, although they're into that. But they do it as a sort of special effect. Refines the nipples and all. Pole dancers actually like it. Makes them so very much more enticing. Wakes everybody up a little. Cold gentlemen appreciate repeated lap dances even more.

Leo preferred one of the banquettes in the corner. A little darker there. A bit more private. Oh, he could have arranged for a completely secluded space, off in the back, or up on the mezzanine. But he enjoyed the spectacle of it all. Two of the girls would sit with him after. How comfy they were, I can't say.  A g-string stuffed with crisp, new five dollar bills gotta pinch a little bit. Still, they stayed. And he kissed them. Was that against the rules. Well, yes. But rules were just for the books, or when policemen were about.... on-duty policemen, I mean.  The trouble started when one of the girls left and the other suggested they go upstairs. Conrad wanted to stay where he was. But the nearly bare girl looked up and grinned and Leo said - No, come with us. You can watch.....So he did. Conrad hated being alone in such places. 

The rooms on the mezzanine were small easy to clean spaces with cheap, vinyl floors and plastic laminate furniture suited to a 'better' college dormitory. The small lamps had a weak, blue, almost neon glow, like a hospital room late at night. And according to the sounds leaking in from next door, the neighbors seemed to be enjoying a rather intimate, full contact lap dance.

Leo said - How much for the scanties?... The girl said- Sixty two dollars for the top and twenty six for the 'lady patch.'.... So he broke the strings that held them in place, tossed her some bills and said - Here's enough for two.... She scooped up the cash and put it aside. Then she said - Two hundred dollar table fee for the room..... Leo gave her the money, which went into the slot on the small, lock box mounted on the wall. But the only table was a small one topped with a warm eight dollar bottle of wine and maybe three or four inverted, clear, plastic 'old fashioned' cups. 

Conrad sat on a hard stack chair, straight out of a mall food court, while the other two had their fun on a wide, black, velveteen, tufted chaise lounge. I hope they sprayed it for bugs. She didn't seem bitten up and he was a vampire, after all, so I presume it was alright.... Every so often the girl grinned at him. Sometimes Leo gave him a look. Conrad didn't like it. He just stared. 

But vampires can get rough and Leo was foolhardy. That, coupled with the cheapness of the furnishings probably caused it all. I mean it happened so fast. The chaise lounge snapped. It broke, just like a thick branch... cracked from side to side. The upholstery ripped and everything. BAM! The bottom half crashed down on the floor. The top half canted back and the girl's spine snapped right along with it.

She gasped. Her eyelids fluttered. She tried to scream, or say something. Leo went - Jesus Christ!... and jumped off her. The table with the cheap wine fell over. But the bottle didn't break. It just rolled toward the wall. ... Leo grabbed her and picked her up. Her legs were dead. She couldn't stand on her own. He bit her. He tried to take the blood. He tried to draw it out. That way, at least, she'd disappear in a 'cold' blue flame and they'd be done with her. But it was too late. She was already gone, so he dropped her and grabbed a more or less in shock Conrad (new vampires can still be so human. after all) and whispered - Come on! We have to get out of here, .... as he rose through the ceiling and up to the rooftop, where they raced away, leaping from one block to the next. But Conrad wasn't ready and he began to solidify while not completely free of the tar-paper surface. Thus the sublimation problem. The atoms of his body were not quite reattached. He looked normal, to mortal eyes, but the pain was unendurable and he lay in his sleep chamber like a baby.

Tomas called Doctor Franklin. He said he'd try something but needed time to ready his equipment. Meanwhile they gave him wine. Vampires like wine. And even though Conrad wasn't much of a drinker he took it and fell asleep.

Now we planned to tell you about the elferino, Peter, tonight and how he ran away with the baby (Boopsie) at the approach of her witch-virago grandmother. But then this happened. Look, if you've been with us a while, you know it isn't fiction. We're just forced to pretend it is. And it would have been better had the vampires all gone out and scattered for the darktime. For a full 'assembly' of night-folk give off quite an aura. But they didn't and a powerful 'born' witch like Pig Blood Annie can certainly feel it. In fact, she's headed for the townhouse right now. I don't know where her runty, 'worm' (non-witch) husband, Little Joe is, but what the hell can he do?

God, you know? I wish this was fiction... Let me go find someplace to hide... Billy ( who types up this stuff) signing off.


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John L. Harmon said...

The secrets of lap dances revealed. Fascinating!