Friday, June 20, 2014


Now we speak of drama. Edith knew of events in Philadelphia. She's had a special relationship with Doctor Franklin for ages. He has 'talents' and she has 'talents.' That's just how it is. They both want to help Tomas. Magic finds a way. So she signaled to the two little snoops in the dark shadows of the midnight Pines. Horsey Skeezix (a juvenile Jersey Devil) touched his chest and said - Me?.... The witchy woman nodded... And Pin Head Mel too - she said. So they stepped out into the low, candlelight and approached the rustic porch. Edith wasn't worried 'bout Mister Edith, or their Red Paint People company. They were already sawin' wood after all that booze from those fancy little bottles. Like The Three Stooges they snored. 

Edith whispered - I got business for you two in Philadelphia... They stared wide eyed. Unusual and mythological juvenile beings from The New Jersey Pine Barrens love drama... special missions and all that. They love jaunts into the city too. If ever a place had a fantastical, storybook name, Philadelphia was it. Philo-delphia... City of Brotherly Love... Frank L. Baum couldn't create any better. Tiny, Center City streets with small, below grade shops straight out of Diagon Alley. Who needs hot, sun-burny, Florida amusement parks when you got this? Old, certifiably haunted, vast, dungeon-like ruined prisons... a museum of preserved, deformed oddities... and another one practically devoted to mummies... centuries old, ghostly (and still very much in use) theaters... If every place what goes 'bump' in the night went 'bump' at the same time we'd have gridlock. 

So she gave the little boy with the slightly equine face, glossy, chestnut, horse-like coat, soft, velvety bat wings ( they grew out of his back. the arms were normal) and well formed deer hoofies an old, plastic, pill bottle (empty, of course) with a little rolled up piece of paper inside. He put in in a small pouch worn 'round his neck. Pin Head Mel said - What do I get?..... Edith said - A free ride. You there to keep him sane. He likes you. He worries 'bout you. Now grab hold his neck and hop on just behind them wings. And fly. Fly all the way to Phillie-delphia. You off to see 'The Wizard!'.... Then she threw her arms up in the air and cackled. Not because it was necessary, but because level headed Edith likes a little bit of theatrics too sometimes. 

She watched as the strong wings whomped through the air. Soon they were off, soaring over the trees. Pin Head Mel in his quiet, little voice asked  - You know the way?.... Horsey Skeezix snorted and said - Yeah, I got family there..... He did, too. An aunt or uncle or somebody stayed with 'The Wizard' (Doctor Franklin, actually. Magic folk just call him that. Well, it's sort a true). All manner of creatures lived down there in The Anti-Enchantment Bureau. Jersey Devil ain't no big thing.

Soon he'd read her message. Doctor Franklin, I mean. She might have contacted him telepathically. He's 'adept.' He can do that. But rolled, little scrolls, even in old, yellowed plastic pill bottles, have a certain literary/cinematic quality and Edith is, at heart, a frustrated director.

A few moments later the witchy woman turned, went back and stepped up onto the porch, where she sat down in her high backed wooden chair and rocked.

Mister Edith and the two Red Paint People slept through it all, there in the dark, night air..... Crickets chirped. Lightning Bugs blinked. Edith yawned and fell asleep too.

Even magic folk need to rest.

And a certain twice dead 'young' man, Tomas de Macabea, also known as Jonathon ben Macabi, might not be that way for long...


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