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What you call 'Heaven' is a very busy place. Souls do not rest in peace. They work towards a divine ideal. They contribute towards the perfection of the universe. This world and your world mesh more than you know. Although I think some of you do know. We communicate with those still in the flesh. We share and suggest and cajole. We comfort the weak and distressed, instruct the curious and sooth the angry. Many attend to our voices. Some do not.

I am Tomas, also known as Jonathon and I am dead. My physical body is gone. The thousand year shell that served me well has become ashes. But my coherent essence endures. And I hear angels and see the light reflected from The Sapphire Throne. I see human souls plus spirits from other realms. Knowers Of The Lord come in many flavors. 

But I move among our own. Although centuries a vampire, I am and always have been human. Life-eaters (vampires) cannot renounce their nativity. Humans remain such, altered, but basically the same. And I  am glad.

Sometimes we travel. Souls fly off to witness creation, passing through alien worlds, dark voids out beyond the most distant galaxy and the terrifying, heart stopping grandeur of looming stars where even the 'dead' know fear. I also preach to the 'living,' but in a quiet way. I whisper as they doze. I comfort the aged dreaming over scripture. I say - The purpose of revealed religion is to make us better people. Worry not the details, but seek the warm, bright heart..... They gave me this job based on my life. I'm glad. 

God is not a lawyer. He never says - How did you imagine me? What form had I in your eyes? Which tales to you were truth?... Rather He says - What did you learn? How did it change you? What did you do? ... Jacob's Ladder bears many creeds..... I've said these things before...... But (sigh) I still want to go back. And not as a  re-born soul. I want to go as myself, wrapped in my memories and named the same names.

Does God allow that?.... Don't ask me. Sometimes I think 'yes.' But only sometimes..... I think rather He asks - Do you really need this? Does the firmament need you back?..... Some spirits say such concessions are made for little children, infants and toddlers torn from the world by sickness, accidents and hate. They say innocent small ones stuffed into steel walled, coffin-like ovens to be burnt alive in crematoriums meant for the dead were instantly freed from the flesh with the first spark, to be born again to surviving parents, should such people exist.... as were little, starving children and I mean truly starved unto death upon the broiling sands of Anatolia years before.... I'm sure there are other instances too. I know not all the details.

(whispers) I want to go back. I want to go back. I want to go back.... It's like I KNOW it's right. It's like I have no say in the matter. ... Souls here seem to sense that. They nod. I see subtle gestures. I see expressions... Beings of spirit and energy still communicate in physical terms. Maybe this is just Heaven's anteroom? Maybe that's why?

I see my brethren. Family. 'Flesh' from Al-Andalus... My mother. My father. My brother. Yet there is a wall between us, as if they know.... I am not long for this world.... Another polity claims me.

So I sit with Johannan, ever my faithful servant, as he was all those centuries ago when I was mortal. We drift, lost among the stars.... not looming, roiling giants, but soft, cool, distant lights. We pass through multicolored nebulae, gossamer clouds of worlds yet to be. Possibility is everywhere, as it has been since the beginning.  And before the birth of our universe there were others. When ours winks out there will be more. Indeed we have sister universes as we speak... some to the left... some to the right... Angles of incidence are infinite.

My friends in Philadelphia will do their 'dance.' Doctor Franklin and his people will do their thing. Edith and her contingent will do theirs. And I will be back.... not due to the dancers, but due to The Great Conductor Who makes the cosmos sing...

<more next time. please know this is a long running, on going story. if you like, google Johannon Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz to learn more about that character, or contact me on Twitter at @wilkravitz and ask>


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