Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Formerly Dead Vampire, Tomas, Gets 'Reborn'..... 7/5/14

When it was over, these cute, little chimes went off, just like the ones that play when an LG washer or dryer completes a cycle. Those in attendance politely applauded. Doctor Franklin turned and bowed. The effort made him fart a little, but he didn't care. A faint pressure wave emanated from the polished, bronze box. Everyone felt it. The 'clean room' was infused with a subtle, organic, 'human' scent.... rather like those low cost musky colognes from the nineteen seventies. 

Doctor Franklin said - Open the box. Get him out!..... But after hearing all that Old Castillian mumbling and all, everyone expected a successful outcome. Two functionaries (I guess they were technicians) fussed with the clasps. A pin light shot down from above, hitting the shiny box and highlighting this second nativity. Franklin loves special effects and theatrical gestures, you know. He poised for a portrait in a raccoon skin cap eons before Davy Crockett. A regular eighteenth century Will Rogers he was, though with a knife-like, white-hot cunning. 

And when the 'new' Tomas popped up out of the box, it was The Rocky Horror Show all over again. People cheered. They waved tiny American flags (Fourth of July weekend, you know) locked elbows and danced little jigs. ....

So similar to the original Tomas. That agency was good. They really found an unbelievable lookalike. Too bad he 'died' for the part. Not his flesh. Just his 'everything else.' When they helped him climb out of the polished, bronze box he trembled. He blinked. He stumbled. 

What's his body temperature? - yelled Franklin...... Technician Number One made a quick scan and said -  Thirty four degrees Celsius, sir. - he said.... Now normal Celsius human body temperature is thirty seven degrees. Three degrees discrepancy is a big thing, maybe just over ninety degrees Fahrenheit. and apparently it was dropping.

Franklin yelled - Luna! Go get him! ....... With that, his vampire-physician protege pushed through the crowd and ran up on the platform followed by her own cadre of medics. They wrapped him in a pliable metallic membrane and carefully passed him down onto a gurney. He looked gray. His eyes fluttered. But he whispered something. Tomas, also known as Jonathon, whispered something. He called the attractive, vampire-physician over, pulled her close and said - Vampirido? Estoy vampirido? Si, o no? ( Vampire? Am I vampire? Yes, or no?)........ Luna sighed, shook her head and said - No....... And he laughed and laughed and laughed. 

Photographers shouldered close to snap pictures. I don't know who sent them, or how they got in. But they were there and with today's digital technology the images would go viral in no time.

Tomas put up his hand and said - No, not like this. Not now. Please... please... please.......... 

Ever the vain gentleman. Al Andalus dies hard...... But the pictures were posted before they wheeled him out of the room. Young people, magical types, gathered at venues throughout Center City, saw the images on their smart phones and cheered.

Somebody told Doctor Franklin and he went - Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I don't know what happened to the picture takers. A guy next to me said one was a robot, a human-like robot, developed in Japan.... Who knows? But if that's true, what the hell did he need a phone for? Wouldn't they build that circuitry right into his eye?

Meanwhile, Sarah, Tomas' rather saintly, vampire consort, raced toward the Bureau, as a genuine Jersey Devil swooped above the crowd in Washington Square with commercial grade sparklers in his hands... 

Independence Day, 2014..... More next time.....


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