Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We have to whisper (thus the small print), 'cause covert operatives are everywhere. Government forces want to put a lid on things... all the paranormal activity, I mean. Eye witnesses claim at least seven or eight genuine Jersey Devils (supposedly two family groups) slaughtered in park behind The Philadelphia Museum of Art (the 'Rocky' building). Witches, mostly of the 'trained' variety, conjuring spirits in Washington Square Park. Local vampires in hiding. That includes elferinos/elferinas and other varieties. Some low level non-decomposing zombie activity, but they're always opportunistic feeders. 

It's been reported that look-alikes from the BEYOND TOP SECRET federal 'Doppelganger' program are now functioning as Philadelphia's mayor, police commissioner and I don't know who else. They say the program, first started during the Roosevelt years, has hundreds of carefully trained and indoctrinated 'twins' ready for insertion at moment's notice. Most fitted with 'choke collar' chips guaranteeing unerring cooperation. However the identity of the Ultimate Puppet Master is as yet unknown.

Philadelphia's top vampirina, the fortunately (for us) saintly, Sarah, sublimated through usual Anti-Enchantment Bureau barriers to be reunited with her espoused, Tomas, in the 'clean room.'... Some staffers know her. Most, obviously, know of her.  Those present for the vampiric resurrection broke ranks and parted, affording her clear access to Doctor Franklin (still fiddling with controls) up by the Grand Armonica. The old reprobate never turned around, but when she drew near simply said - He's not here. They're working on him..... Where is he? - she said. What, does Luna have him?...... Franklin sighed and nodded. She turned and walked off.... Franklin said - Don't start anything. Not this time. Not with all the 'men in black' bastards running around. You want to get locked in a lead coffin? You want to get planted in The Marianas Trench? I'm telling you, Sarah. Listen to me..... But she'd already left. Before she could track Tomas by scent, but he had a different body now. It looked like him, but it was different. Couldn't even key into his brainwaves, 'cause his thoughts were relayed through a different brain. So she grabbed some skinny intern playing a back-in-the-day pinball game in a lounge down the hall and said - You know where Luna works?... The kid saw the fangs and nodded. She said - Then shut your God damned mouth and stop farting. Take me there, you dumb, son or a bitch (Sarah never talks like this).. Three heartbeats later he lead her down the bright, sterile maze-like hallways toward an express bank of elevators, scanned his palm (the old technology).. the door opened. They got in and WHOOSH.. they were there.

Now Sarah hates Luna. She'd never put it that way, but she does. They fought over Tomas once, back when the vampires were squatting in the basement storerooms of The Penn Museum... You know -- where all the mummies live. That's why the university made them leave. Mummy dust hung in the air for weeks. Little kids on school trips up above breathed it in and threw up all over the place. A regular asthma-rama it was...... And you ever see a vampirina cat-fight?.... More like two spiders than kitties.... Climbing up walls... Bouncing off ceilings.. sucking out eyeballs... Renn and Stimpie on steroids. Used to be some anonymous  video (originally an old film) of two World War I era vampire bitches tearing it up on You Tube, but they moved it and now I can't find it. You know World War I era women didn't wear no bras? Corsets made like a little shelf. That held 'em up. Learned it from the film. 

Feel bad about them slaughtered Jersey Devils, though... Horsey Skeezix cried when he heard. Three were his cousins.

And now they say government guys building a lead room (a big one) down by Old Fort Mifflin'

This is turning into something...


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