Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It was all so easy. Great seething tides of manic, screaming flesh swept through the streets breaking windows, smashing cars and killing people. After a while even the cops joined in. Psychologists might call it 'mass hysteria.' But it was more visceral than that.... Planet of the Apes, but without all the chimps.

They say it started in France. Somebody firebombed a synagogue in Marsailles right at the start of The Biblical New Year. Burnt, cut survivors struggled through shattered windows, falling down to the grass below, only to be bludgeoned by crazed assassins yelling shrill, scriptural mantras.

The next day they did it in Paris, but the sanctuary was empty. And in the dry countryside of the south a bomb went off... a 'small' more or less tactical device, atomic in nature and approximately sixty percent the strength of Hiroshima.

No one died (they think) but the flash and the mushroom cloud were carefully recorded. You Tube never had so many hits. Some group in West Jerusalem claimed credit. The Sword of Gideon, they were called.

Soon after The Missouri Compromise failed. Four guys shot up a 'Peace and Reconciliation' panel in Ferguson. Within hours St. Louis exploded.... an instant Beirut.  And little by little, older, traditional hate groups crept out of their basement warrens scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest and various parishes out by New Orleans. Look, other cities had them too. We're just telling you where it started.

They called up the National Guard. For a while they were effective. Manhattan was quiet... sort of. But then a plane flew over. No bombs.... just a hundred and twelve, late stage Ebola victims, thrown from the hold like candy from a pinata. Each had a parachute. Guess somebody else pulled the chords. They floated down to the city and few knew what it all meant til they saw the t-shirts... plain, white, Hanes t-shirts, each bearing five scrawled letters... E-B-O-L-A. ... When they ordered the guardsmen to round them up (most survived the fall) half deserted. That went viral too (in more ways than one). Rich New Yorkers fled to the rooftops, where helicopters scooped them up, yappy dogs and all and carried them off to God knows where.

Three kids interrupted Governor Christie's news conference in Trenton with about thirty five seconds of cell phone video. Said it was 'werewolves' running through the woods by some shopping mall in Ocean County. Governor tried to browbeat them, but folks like werewolves and they wanted to see.

'Least it took everybody's mind off what Putin did in The Baltics.

That's how it was when Tomas, also known as Jonathon, came back. Franklin tried to stop him. Tried to keep him up there in The Moon. Baby Philadelphia is a sweet little town. And the various alien specimens scattered about the inner surface of Earth's little sister get along much better than the (mostly) human population we got down here.

Gave him a little version of The Poor Richard, piloted by an android. Brought him in right over Philadelphia. Not Baby Philadelphia. This was the real one. Came in low, just above the river. He 'sublimated' into the city from there. One of the elferinas met him. They say it was Marianne. Where they went, who knows.... Gunned-up vigilantes patrolled the streets. Some have armored vehicles 'liberated' from a military depot up toward The Poconos, others make do with Suburu Foresters.

In all honesty the Foresters are much more comfortable... til they get shot up that is.


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