Saturday, August 16, 2014


I feel like I'm bleeding. PC was either compromised by virus or screwed up by my deficient digital science. It's in PC -sick bay now. Should have it back by Mon or Tues...(I hope) ..On a desk top thing at public library now. Very confusing. Kids running 'round. People getting paper cuts and screaming...Bedlam. Noboby tempers their voice (including the staff).. It's surreal. My head feels like it wants to buss' open. That probably happens a lot 'round here, cause I see old dried up brain stains on the ceiling. Ewww, the stain two seats over is still dripping.

DEEPLY appreciate everyone who visits blog and explores older post. Like I said, PRAYING to be back by MON or TUES.

Til then, click on HELP BILLY OUT AND EXPLORE OLD STUFF to wander through more than 1,500 weirdly pixilated episodes. And kindly click YADA YADA YADA to join me on you'll see a whole lot of people with interesting timelines too.

THANKS... please COMMENT. And pity the temporary PC-less souls among us.

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William Meeker said...

Hope your PC problems are resolved soon. Will browse around the site until then!