Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It's hard to 'channel' this. The truth comes from the 'characters' in the story. It comes to me and I transcribe it on this laptop. But certain parties do their best to stop it. I don't know who they are, though I have my suspicions. They create malware and virus-like prions. The kids at various 'support' sites do their best. They try to help. But the poisons still drip back. We do not know if these noxious brews come from the world we are all in (you and me) now, or the place where the story comes from. They don't say. 

So I'll get on with it.

The radiance in the cave, the four dimensional being, sees many things. Our 3D lives appear as picture books to them. consider this example. Think of a 'dot' personage in a 2D realm. Pretend he's in a circle. He cannot see anything beyond it. The circle is an impenetrable wall.

Then a 3D being comes along, reaches into the 2D circle with special tweezers and plucks the 'dot' man out. As he rises above the plain of his flat world, he sees it all and realizes its limitations. Going 'up' exists. Going 'down' exists.  Possibilities abound. They are difficult to comprehend, but 'dot' man is now, at least aware of them.

Four Dimensional man is like that. He sees more possibilities. He sees ahead in time and back into time. And he sees movement in every possible direction. Barriers mean little to him. His world is a place of coming together and blending. Distinct personalities swirl and dance into and out of each other. They see. They feel. They know.  Even the sub-atomic particles in such a place exist in a multitude of points at any one instant. Truly 'empty' space is hard to find.

So Doctor Franklin and his companions stand there and listen, or rather absorb, what the being has to share. Some of the information is surprising and new. Most of it is not. 

He tells Tomas to resume his original path. Worry not about the world, but rather separate individuals encountered along the way. 

Sarah is a healer, meant to cleanse the sick with drops of her vampiric blood.

Luna is a scientist, cold and dispassionate.

Billy is an 'illustrator.' His stories (if he tells the right stories) will inform and inspire.

Doctor Franklin chuckles. He doesn't share what he heard. And nobody questions him. But Tomas asks about something else. He says - How does that 'thing' that light in the cave get here?..... Doctor Franklin shrugs. He says - I don't know, not really. But I think he may have started the whole thing.... What 'whole thing?' - asked Tomas. ..... This. The moon. The hollowed out interior of it, I mean. It must be artificial. Physical matter doesn't arrange itself this way. At least not solids. - says the three hundred and eight year old explorer.

Then they exit the cave, really more of a grotto, and walk back toward Baby Philadelphia. I don't know if they eventually got into some conveyance, or walked the whole way. 

It was dark when they left and the handful of ethereal twinkling illuminations, meant to represent stars, sprinkled the void within the bubble-like habitat with a cool and silvery light. 

Jonathon, also known as Tomas, wondered - What was his original path?.... He's had so many.


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