Wednesday, October 8, 2014

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon A Tribute and hopefully the Martian National Anthem in MY Martian Trilogy---EL RANCHO TEXACO ... 10/8/14

I know we've visited this territory before. But I've wanted to go back there a good long while. There is a saga on a terraformed Mars arc already up, EL RANCHO TEXACO. But I want to do the early days. Similar in its way to John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy.

Imagine 'first families' known as 'troopers' after the Blue Coats of America's West. And whenever they get together to remember the old days, somebody stands, puts his hand to his heart and calls 'TROOPERS!' Then all chairs push out, everyone rises and they go into their song, a rousing version of SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON with whoops and 'Rebel' yells at the end. 

That's how the movie starts. Then we fade back to a large 'estancia' out toward the bad lands... the storied La Polva Rosa (Red Dust) seat of the Texaco Family.... and the story begins.

Please watch the video up above. Listen to the anthem. Close your eyes and see a time that very well may come...

If you like, Google EL RANCHO TEXACO by Billy Kravitz and jump in. Scroll around. Find the first episode and explore. But the next 'visit' centers on an earlier era.... an almost mythological time when legends are born and dynasties too.

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