Monday, October 6, 2014

search VIDEOS OF TARANTULAS KILLING PREY on YOU TUBE.. That's What Tomas Faces.. 10/6/14

The title says it all. I wanted to include a video right here. I forced myself to look at some, but they're too shocking. So I'll leave it up to you. Search videos of huge tarantulas brutally killing prey... if you're not prone to nightmares. The choice is yours.  Tomas is the prey and the nine foot long, thick legged arachnid thing is the hunter. Here's how it played out...

The thing lunged. Tomas ran. Whatever part of his vampiric nature carried over to this strange place kicked in and he 'disappeared' behind a huge (to him) thick support beam. But spiders are fast too. They don't move like you, or I. Arthropod muscular contractions are sharp and instantaneous.... Ever watch a dinner-plate spider devour a bird? Imagine what that poor feathered thing goes through, locked in a hard, cold embrace more hellishly alien and inhuman than any vampire.

Tomas flattened himself against the rough wood surface, straining to see in the near black, crawl space gloom. He heard the muffled footfalls. He felt them. But where was it? He couldn't tell. The dirt surface diffused each impact, like a soft, quiet echo coming from every place at once. But he smelled the dried blood scabbed all over its body... a sick, rancid bacon-like aroma gleaned from the piercings of other tiny, 'human' victims. Strange meat in this part of the omniverse.

So he ran. He just took off and ran, zig-zagging from one support to the next, like a pachinko game in hell. But in this not quite mortal, not quite vampire state Tomas gave off heat and spiders are sensitive to warmth. So it got him in a corner and that was it. The beast just stood there. Thin tendrils of vapor snaking up from tiny 'nostrils' running down the sides of its huge hairy abdomen. Each fang danced independently, as the mechanistic brain picked an angle of attack. Exactly two and a half nano seconds later it jumped, pinning him 'neath its body in a twitching, eight legged cage.

Tomas froze, as it quickly pivoted left and right, deciding how to do it. Stiff, quill-like hairs raked his face and snagged his skin. Then it hit. The left fang cracked two ribs and pierced a lung. The right fang tore his stomach... twin spears of hard, needle sharp, keratin, opened his body, freeing the blood. How odd for a vampire to end like that.

But he was a vampire. He was.  And he tapped into the ether, drawing in its energy, focusing his powers for one explosive thrust. Then he instantaneously rocketed up through the beast, pulverizing its 'head.' as he sublimated toward freedom. What was left of the giant arachnid quivered before him. Arthropod bodies survive quite a while without a head. There was life in the old girl yet. So Tomas threw himself on the pulsating abdomen, crunched through the loathsome surface and drank in what he found. Animal blood is not human blood. And vampires cannot live on it indefinitely. But at times like this any food would do.

Then he pulled his head from the dead monstrosity, picked bits of shell from his hair and cleaned his body with handfuls of the coarse, sand-like dirt.

After a short rest, lying stretched out upon the cool surface, he looked up toward the barely visible sub-flooring, focused his abilities once again and sublimated through, into the rooms where the dog things lived.

From a hidden spot behind a potted plant (a giant oak to him) he saw them at their meal, piercing  live and screaming others like himself with long, silver skewers, which they deftly plucked clean with their sharp canid teeth...

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