Sunday, October 5, 2014

Odin Eating Like a Person. ..Giant Canines Tomas Encountered Were More Dignified ... 10/5/14

Tomas was in another place. His experience was quite different and the monstrously enlarged, canine creatures he encountered were another thing all together. First of all, it took him two days and nights, skittering along the icy, huge ruts left by the immense sleigh to reach their destination, a large, country, manor house as might be found in UNCLE VANYA or novels like it.

I don't know why he wasn't menaced by proportionately accurate wildlife along the way. Perhaps something of his fundamental vampire nature oozed out and repelled them. I mean the stegosaurus sized squirrel and possum-like things watching from the 'Parting Of The Red Sea' sized hedgerows.  But he found a small, break in the mortar between two bricks in the foundation and and squeezed through, dropping down onto a dirt surface roughly eighteen inches below. To him, that was like nine feet. Fortunately this part of the manor house didn't have a full basement or he wouldn't have been able to do that. Crawl spaces were easier. Tomas ran over and scaled a support beam. Splinters were like daggers, but vampirinos are by nature careful, so after a bit he came up under a seam in the subflooring, maybe one eighth of an inch wide to the giant canines within, but more or less equal to four and a half inches in his world. So he stuck his ear up into the space and listened..... Cutlery, there was the sound of cutlery..... fine tableware against costly china. And conversation. He heard conversation. Not human voices. Of course they were louder. Maybe not much louder, just deeper and more resonant. And with a lilting , or a rolling sound, like when Springer Spaniels vocalize.  To a human, even a vampire human, the effect was positively hypnotic.  But he couldn't get through. The seam was too tight and the actual hardwoods above the subflooring made it impossible. So he climbed down and searched for another way.... That's when it saw him.....

Everything in this world was larger than our world (and by 'world' I mean universe) by a factor of thirty six. Boudoir lamps were fifty two feet high and cigars were long as Cadillacs. The thing that focused on Tomas was over sized too.... an arachnid analog nine feet long... a 'vampire' of another kind, with black, shiny fangs like carving knives. He could see the eyes glinting in the dark, eight onyx paperweights, arranged in a row above the oral cavity. This monstrous depravity had no qualms about sucking the life from him. There was nothing paranormal about it. Just a loathsome, mechanistic 'bug' reeking of sulfur and mold and God knows what else, out for an easy meal.... To completely drain a vampire is to kill him.

And Tomas didn't want to die again.

So while dogs as tall as campaniles dined on live, bare, little humans, struggling to climb from a previously warmed, crater-like, communal, silver bowl, a similar drama played out down below. Only instead of skewering each wriggling tidbit on long, thin, pointed picks, the stiff haired, hard carapaced nightmare used its fangs... not to mention the two, sharp claws at the ends of its eight, manic legs.

It jumped. Tomas flinched.

The chase was on...


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