Friday, October 3, 2014

The Vampire Tomas Falls Through A Thin Brittle Membrane ... 10/3/14

Tomas wandered through the dark, mossy cemetery. The air was cool and damp, with just a bit of old bone smell around the edges. Vampires like that smell, because it's indicative of long forgotten sepulchres and silent, black retreats. True, our hero formerly sheltered in more commodious surroundings. But times change and so did he.

A tiny rabbit hopped along the path. If he'd taken the time for a closer look, Tomas would have seen its human face.... neither male, nor female, or young, or old... just human. But he did, absentmindedly begin to follow. And that's when things began to change. Trees stretched up toward the stars. Stars grew large as camel eyes. He could see monstrous flares around their edges. And the strangely white, pre-dawn clouds arced out toward Byzantium. 

Then the world grew smaller still. Pebbles became mountains and garden slugs swallowed kingdoms. The very atoms in the air pelted him like sleet.  Next came light... a multitude of incandescences, issuing forth from every point and trailing off to nowhere.

Soon even that disappeared and he hung suspended in a charcoal grey void, more vast (in its way) than all the Pleiades, a trillion times over. Seconds equaled eons and eternity but a sigh. But Tomas just breathed. He existed. Is this death? - he thought. Is it Nirvana? .... And then he really didn't think at all.

After a time, if there was 'time,'  bells began to jingle in the distance and he realized he was falling, an infinitely tiny singularity upon a snowflake dancing through a foreign sky... It landed on an endless red, lacquered plain, the side of a sleigh gliding through a snow covered parkland. There were passengers in the sleigh. He heard their thunderous voices. They laughed and made jokes, but he didn't know the words.

Then he slid off, tumbling down to the surface. By the time he stopped, he'd grown, perhaps to the size of a fruit fly. The sleigh was but a distant thing streaking toward the horizon, which in this white and snowy land was, at best, an indistinct approximation. 

But another sleigh, pulled by not-quite horses, came after. As it drew closer, he saw the beings inside... gigantic (compared to him anyway) beautiful, well groomed, canine things, wrapped in furs  and since they had thumb-like dew claws, handling the reins quite deftly.

Tomas, by now as big as a green, plastic, army guy, followed. Bit by bit, even though he was abroad in some sort of daylight, his vampiric abilities began to return. And he streaked through this alien atmosphere (a rudimentary form of sublimation) toward wherever the collie/wolf creatures were going.

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