Monday, November 17, 2014

A WORLD ENDS ... 11/17/14

It is I, Tomas. this is how it ended. If you've lost the thread scroll back two or three episodes. It's all there.

Most of the huge canine creatures were gone, at least on this estate. After the first few deaths, survivors grew suspicious, refusing to sleep in the manor, lest some unidentified contagion be the cause. Some fled to 'the city.' Polidori, one of the new, tiny vampires {all humans were tiny in this world. imagine you were only two inches tall} knew their noises and words. It was a language, after all. We'd seen the books. we'd seen the symbols. They had a language, maybe more than one, and possessed a literature..... Soon it would end.

How could it not end? Humans would leave this place. My offspring would have offspring of their own. The 'miracle of sublimation' would spread. Perhaps we are a contagion?

Two giant canines are still here. They walk about the place in silence. She sits in the bare, winter kitchen garden, wrapped in a circus tent sized blanket, rocking back and forth on a monumental white chair. He sleeps on a sofa.... Many of the tiny humans are gone. They left the mushroom trays in the cellar, where they were raised as delicacies, but are still hiding elsewhere in the house. Please know that I speak of those from the lower trays... maybe the first to the third... possibly the fourth.... Those from the fifth to fourteenth levels can't leave. They have no way to climb down.

There's a dead canine, a male, by the back door. I don't know what he used to be... Perhaps a stable boy?..... But the more or less equine creatures are gone too. They ran away looking for water. Now they're off in the fields somewhere, nibbling dry, dead grass peeking out from the snow. Some of the humans found the dead 'stable boy.' They chip off little pieces of his flesh with tiny, sequin-like shards of broken glass. In times like these one must find things. Thank God the flesh is frozen.... 

I got some for the two children... the ones from the dollhouse, I mean. I sear it a bit in the flame from a match. If you stand on it and quickly scrape the tip with a broken nail file, it'll light. The flame doesn't  last long... maybe two minutes at best. But at least it's not raw. They have some of the mushrooms and shoots from the trays in the cellar. That's how they live, hidden in a what-not box, off in a corner of the library. I 'cook' on the slate floor in the mud room. All great houses have a mud room. It's where specimens from the garden are potted for indoor display.

Dear God, what's going to happen? The insects will come back in the spring. I've seen some flies... and that spider. There's always a few wintering over... but what will spring be like?

Polidori and 'Tillie' (a female offspring) want me to kill the giant female and her mate. But I don't want to do it. I don't want to sublimate through their skulls. They had a world. They couldn't, or wouldn't see our humanity. But they had a world... Funny, I use that word, me, a vampire. Well, ours is a world of inconsistencies. What can I tell you?

I'm thinking this estate must be very remote. No one's come to visit and it's been weeks... No neighbors... No postal service... No inspector-general, or whatever they call the constabulary around here..... (sigh) A Chekovian universe populated by dogs.

When it gets warm, they'll fan out. The people, I mean. Maybe there'll be more vampires among them by then? Some will stumble onto other estates. More giant canine creatures will be killed. I'm guessing some humans will accidentally stow away in luggage and find their way to cities and towns.

One world ends and another begins. 

I'm thinking they could eventually destroy any larger adversaries.... the vampires among them, I mean... Maybe tiny mites will remain? Perhaps there'll be treaties with the bees and packs of shrews for hunting?

I've gotten the vampires to agree to my one-victim-a-month rule. Polidori's from Earth. He knows about faith (such as it is on Earth) and vows and all. But the others are only coincidentally human. How that happened, I don't know. God knows what they believe... If they believe.... But soon it'll be time to feed again. How will they chose the victims?

And if I can't get back to my universe, what will I be here?...An Annunaki-like spirit from some far off place? An ancient sage?.. The Old Man of The Mountain?

Full circle, just like 'Papa'... neolithic once again

The female canine thing,  out in the bare, grey, winter garden, draws the blanket 'round her like a hood. Then she rocks some more. I watch her through a small window in the mud room by climbing up an intricately turned, ladder-back chair.... 

Shhh.... She's crying, or howling, or keening...

I wish I was home....

<more next time>


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