Sunday, November 30, 2014

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah Thanksgiving threw me off, so here's some classic stuff 11/30/14

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah: We walked. We walked back to Philadelphia, to a new existence in our new tabernacle in the sky. I led the way. Sarah, Bob, Baylah and a Pow ...

The Thanksgiving observance threw me off... beloved family members in from the far shore of our Great American Empire... new little dumpling (that means 'baby'... extra dogs and all that.... enough fancy deserts to do in three boatloads of Pilgrims and turkey flesh galore. I'll hopefully be back on track tomorrow. Til then, please allow me to show you a few Vampire Wonderland baubles from the past. They come from the early times, highlighting the Never Land existence of night-folk and, for the most part, slipped unnoticed into the great nimbus that is our wondrously pixilated world.

Just above these red letters, you'll see the portal. Click where it says The Book of Sarah . That'll get you in. Actually, this is the second post you'll see. I'm going to put up another. That one will be at the top. 

To wander through the whole treasure chest, click on this and scroll around ~> THE MAGIC KEY ...

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