Thursday, November 27, 2014

TOMAS RETURNS FROM WHENCE HE CAME.. 11/27/14 . Best Of Peter Pan-Never Neverland

Thus did the winter pass. The humans settled in. Existing vampires made more of their kind, forming a warrior class among the little people. They even learned how to herd mice, fattening them up with buttercups and marigold seeds. The flesh absorbed the flavor of the feed and it was good. 

Tomas served as a kind of Dalai Lama in this strange new Shangri La. He told them what to do and taught them how to live. They had no alphabet. He taught them our Roman alphabet. That's the name for what we use to write English. They made paper of a sort from tree bark. Not the thick bark that forms on trunks. These people were much to tiny for that. But the fine, thin bark sheathing new born twigs was perfect. Their first codices were crude, scratched out with a kind of charcoal and the spelling was obviously phonetic. Their language was a mix of English, Spanish and Hebrew. Tomas taught what he knew. Even a few giant canine words found their way in. At times the speech resembled Welsh, or Middle English, though sometimes it wandered off in directions all it's own, with vocalizations and syntax never before heard by mortal man. If that's what these beings truly were. They seemed to be.

Just having a written language gave their culture a huge step up. As their kind advanced into new territory and killed (you knew they would) more dog people, they'd be able to share things... ideas... discoveries... observations... all kinds of things. They'd mine metal, already refined and smelted from the eating implements in the huge houses. One fork could make a lot of plows... or swords. Tomas couldn't say which way they'd go.

Spring turned warm. Bugs woke up. In this giant place, that meant danger. Bees were OK. You could reason with them. Plant a lot of flowers. Let them have the nectar. Just spreading the 'dust,' just moving it around from plant to plant made more flowers. Bees were experts at that. Ants were another thing. They're mercenary bastards... all 'What's in it for me? And if I kill you, or your little grubs, will you taste good?'

Folks would have to feel their way. Tomas showed them how to make slings, simple bows and arrows, things like that. Even taught them how to use certain kinds of dirt to kill bugs. They can't stand it. Dries 'em all up. Desiccates their bodies. Turns 'em into husks. .... Teachings from an alien. We've heard that before.

But let me tell you this. I will put up, I will publish what I've channeled so far. This is me, Billy. Facts are coming through me this time. But there's a lot more to this post. Vibrations... resonances come back. Tomas feels them. He knows them. He recognizes them. And behind the buzz he hears voices. Folks are talking, whether to each other, or to him he can't tell. So he sits by himself and thinks. He prays. He wishes... tries to figure out what's going on..... Maybe he's not so all alone after all? ... Maybe somebody's found him?

Harmonics can work miracles and he does know a bit about that. If you've forgotten past episodes, or never read them, google Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz Harmonics, or Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz Great Armonica... Something'll come up. Then you'll know, or at least have a clue. And it's based on actual science. God bless Doctor Franklin.

I have to go to sleep now. Thanksgiving washes over us tomorrow. Let me rest. Let me get ready. 

That title up there will make more sense when the rest of this post goes up.

Tonight's music (the Never Never Land video) might put you in the mood. I hope you listen and enjoy it. 

May The Holidays... The Season of Miracles... dawn bright for you and yours.

Keep dreaming and please tell others. Thank you.


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