Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jonathon Remembers --- Be Gracious To All For Saints And Redeemers Walk Among You

Jonathon continues ---

I ride around the city. There were two bikes in the cellar. It's really a collection of finished rooms... simple and utilitarian, but (at least these days) certainly not a dungeon. The little ghost boy, the polio victim, likes the bicycles. He asks about them all the time. He stands there and looks at them. You see, by the time he was old enough for a real two wheeler, he was already sick, so... no bike for him. Edith reads him stories. Plays checkers with him. He tells her what to do and she moves his piece. Most ghosts can't manipulate actual matter. Basement Boy ended up in an iron lung, so he's used to that. I really care about him.

Tonight I'm just human... Not a person waiting to be a vampire again... Not a thousand year old whatever I am... Just me. Well, nothing's truly plain and regular in our world. Edith threw a hoo-doo on me... repels 'harm caused by evil and harm caused by dreamers.'... Dreamers means thoughtless. Piney Wimmen know lots a spells. Not all of them. Just the Witchy Wimmen. When I stopped for a light, a weird panhandler came over. More like a shakedown artist. Knocks on car windows. Goes - You got money? I'm hungry. I'm hungry.... Leans on roof of the car panting... Ladies try to ignore him. They look straight ahead and inch through the intersection... I've seen him before. Leaves men alone, because they'll run over his feet. But on a bike we're all fair game... Street's narrow, so he gets real close. Says - Yo, buy me a cheese steak, or Gotta get to 'Lantic City. It's an emergency..... Usually Atlantic City panhandlers say that line the other way around, but this one's got his own M.O.. This one grabs my arm. I feel his desperation right through my 'winter active gear.' Think he wants the bicycle too... I mumble what Edith told me to mumble. I go - Carrion.... That's all... one word and he sees big, fat, glistening maggots fall from my every exposed bodily orifice.  I look up and grin. He jumps back real fast and runs away, shaking illusory maggots off his own body too.... Mind picture spells are real easy. You see, I don't want to hurt anyone, because I've been remembering my religion..... or a special part of it.

'And unto each generation thirty six pure and righteous souls shall be born... perfect vessels for the spirit of The Lord. It is for their sake life goes on. Let no man know the identity of these saints, for they, themselves, know not what they are. Simple folk with simple lives, but noble souls and blessed hearts. And one of their number I separate from the rest. That one is Messiah, whom I will call to redeem when it is time to redeem. Yet even that anointed one knows not who he is.'----- I learned that as a youth---' Love thy neighbor, for after the lessons of Egypt, where you were strangers, even the stranger is your neighbor... Be gracious to all, for saints and redeemers walk among you.'

Odd lives vampires lead. Called to do good. Called to cull the wicked. And not in a hard or tortuous way, but clean, quick and  peaceful. Yet sensual and yearning just the same. Not angels, but something akin to that breed. Not the Shepherd, but the sheep dog.... I've said that before. You've heard it... Well, no more digressions. No more vain adventures. I will do what I am made to do... a noble vampire and in no way like the noxious members of our race.

Oh, I'll still dress well and walk with a certain grace... So will Sarah... So will Baylah... and that other one, Leo, Conrad, whoever he is.

A cultivated gentleman, I will be. This twenty eight year old body suits me.

Now let me glide through these old, quiet streets before I take my 'vows.' 

Perhaps I'll stop for coffee and a chat with friendly strangers.

(all is still, as he pedals down the eighteenth century street and turns away)


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