Monday, December 29, 2014

What a Vampire Thinks... 12/29/14

I type this myself. Billy is already sleeping. Edith set this up for me. She knows the rudiments of modern technology. For those who may not know - I am Jonathon ben Macabi, also known as Tomas de Macabea. Right now, I'm mortal, but will soon revert to my night-folk state. The circumstances leading to this unusual, but not unheard of, state of affairs is complex. But everything's in the record. All you have to do is google Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz Tomas dies in The Academy of Music .... The March, 28th, 2014 post (second from the top) is best. Click on that if you like. It's all the work of an evil elferino (a rare occurrence). There was a 'born' witch too, though she was just a stooge. So pointless. But I digress. 

Soon I shall be  'life-eater' again. How will I bear that burden?.... I think you know... I will bear it as I did for my first nine hundred and thirty odd years. I will bear it nobly, renewing the vows made oh so long ago. Thus if you're not evil, you have nothing to fear from me. Those of you familiar with this site, or tale, or whatever they call it, know this. I and those like me 'Cull the wicked and help the worthy live.' 

We dine but once a month. Smaller infusions of liquids, such as broth, or spirits are tolerated and make social situations with unknowing mortals less troublesome

I study this body in the mirror, wiping the steam from the glass. Night-folk enjoy hot showers, especially between feedings. How similar it is to my first body... same height... same build. Perhaps a bit larger. I was eighteen the first time. This meat puppet is twenty eight. Belonged to a model. Gym memberships and all that. I won't complain. Still the same long, dark, wavy mane. That I like. Doctor Franklin did a good job. Hair where there should be hair and smooth where I should be smooth. First eyes were Andalucian brown. These seem more dark grey. Change is good.

Sarah dries me. I love those towels. So thick... So soft... So clean.  I stand there like DaVinci's famous Vitruvian Man, allowing her to get all the damp spots. Pity I don't have more of them. Then, she anoints me with lotion (sighs)... delightful. 

No, I do not type away in the warm, bathroom mist as this goes on. Some things I repeat from memory. Don't like when she brushes my hair, though. Finger drying works best. Am I fussy? (shrugs) I suppose. Look, I admit to being vain. All vampires are vain, thus my predilection for fine, leather bootkins and hand tailored denims. Good legs on this body. I'm glad of that. 

Thought I'd tell you more. But Sarah wants me. Soon I won't be mortal. I suppose she likes the novelty.

So let me leave this miraculous device and go to her. Edith, our witchy-woman housekeeper will close up. She'll put my towel away. Look at her peeking out from the kitchen. She's not watching that Bruce Spingsteen tribute. She's watching me.

Let her enjoy the show...


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