Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And It Was Done... JONATHON IS RESTORED.. A Vampire Returns ... 1/21/15

And it was done. We don't have to run through the details. After four years of this (although essentially no one visited during year one and year two) you know how to make a vampire. You've seen it... a simple give and take. The essence of one flows into the other and then goes back... Repeat a few times... collapse in rapture... stare poetically at a moonbeam, while a poignant aria or duet plays softly in the distance.... a few deep breathes and there you have it... a vampire.

Jonathon sits on the floor, his back against the stones, staring at his outstretched legs. Sarah sits on the bed. She wants to go to him. But 'Papa' hanging in space like a suspended marionette, stops her --- No. Let him be. He has to shed. Itches and burns less when people aren't hanging all over him. 

She looks at Jonathon and says - How do you float like that? Sublimating, once you learn, is easy. Flying is too. But floating is hard. How do you keep all the air molecules from slicing through your body?..... 'Papa' just shrugs.... Sarah rests her hands on her lap. Jonathon begins to fidget. The peeling... the shedding of the skin has begun.

'Papa tries to distract them... He goes - I used to love Vienna.... Before the war, I mean.... The Second World War? - asks Sarah..... No, The Thirty Years War - says 'Papa.' That one might have liked it, my Jewish son, the one sweating and peeling by the wall...... W-what do you m-mean? - mumbled Jonathon, who'd stripped off his clothes, the better to roll off thick, heavy strips of wet oozing skin. Don't think of sunburn peeling. This is not like that. Sunburned mortals merely shed their epidermis, the thin, filmy, topmost layer of the skin. Newborn vampires lose the whole thing... the epidermis and the dermis entire, down to where hair follicles and sweat glands live. Though it would be wrong to picture Jonathon as a flayed mortal. For as soon as the old hide left, a new, smooth, fresh replacement came forth to take its place. Oh, he was bald for a few hundred heartbeats and completely hairless. But only for a little while. And the new growth was powerful better than what went before. 

But what 'Papa' referred to was the position of Jews after The Thirty Years War. You see, Christians had shredded each other to bits. Steak tartare was more spot on. Then, for added amusement, they burned witches. And please don't think that magic appellation meant only women. Men took fire-baths too. So did pubescent children. Elferinos and elferinas (pubescent vampires) suffered greatly. Populations were halved. In some places it was worse. Towns and villages reeked of death and only the crows were glad. But oddly enough Jews were left largely unmolested. Confined in damp, rotting, creaking ghettos, locked away from truly reverent people, they somehow survived (in this instance anyway). Electors, grand dukes, margraves and princes went begging for subjects. So Jews, in exchange for paying unconscionable taxes, were raised up from their former 'full time' martyr status to new positions as 'replacement' subjects. Commerce flourished. Towns were rebuilt and 'civilization' went on.

Jonathon (rolling the last of his old skin from his groin, scrotum and penis in a careful, delicate manner) looked up and said - Wasn't there. Not in Vienna, I mean. Prague... I was in Prague. Served as 'Golem' when they came to burn the ghetto..... What for? - asked 'Papa.' Though he very well knew..... For surviving - said Jonathon..... 

And they all laughed at the irony of the human and more-than-human (vampire) condition..... Soon after, Jonathon was restored. 'Papa' gave him a new suit of clothes, more or less like the jeans, bootkins, white shirts and leather jackets he'd worn before.

Sarah said - What do we do now?

Go home......- 'Papa' said

They stood there in that raw stone tower and held hands. 'Papa' closed his eyes and so it was... or rather once was.

The enchanted place was gone. The highlands were no more, nor any small part of it. 

Everything fades away. That's just how it is.

But three people approached the townhouse on a dark, cold, misty night and Edith (the housekeeper) opened the door to let them in.


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