Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Be honest --- haven't you always wanted to guest host Saturday Night Live? Well, if Lorne Michaels won't hire you. Hire yourself. 

Read this post. We've been doing this for two months. The feedback is positive and everybody has a good time 

Are you wanting FAME? Do you want to be well known? ... Be with us on this big funny promotional (and it's simple, easy and free) thing we have. 

This SATURDAY NIGHT many people are gathering under a hashtag --- #realSNLtalk <~~~ you can click on it. Some are already 'verified'... all are creative and talented. 

All you have to do is get your best lines together and TWEET them to #realSNLtalk.... Get together with a partner & Tweet an ongoing sketch if you want. Just DON'T FORGET to end each tweet with that hashtag~~~> #realSNLtalk .... 

If you're good with photos & graphics, especially humorous ones... Tweet them... But PLEASE remember to end (or begin) every tweet with #realSNLtalk... Sounds crazy for me to repeat this so much but we've been running for two months and people claim to be joining in BUT they don't tag their material. Unless we tag everything and group it all together under the same umbrella there's no impact. So THAT'S WHY I bang the #realSNLtalk drum so much...

It started as an alternative to the #SNL site, which mostly either gushes over or trashes Saturday Night LIVE and its cast members. We were different. We discussed things... not just empty quotes of somebody else's material over and over and over and over.

Then we realized... HEY! We got personalities too! Let's put on a show... So now, even if Lorne Michaels won't let us guest host, we can grab the SPOTLIGHT on our own.

Join us. Be there at 11:30PMest . We run concurrent with the real SNL show. Give us a funny 'take' (or funnier take) on their  material. Go off on a rant of your own. Tell a joke. Relate a weird, humorous story. Post pics. Dance around on a video. Use your cute little dumpling of a baby as a ventruliquist's 'dummy' (wish I could spell... if I make money in showbiz, that'll be my first big thing--- hire a well known, high profile, fancy, Hollywood spelling tutor... oh, I want that SO bad)... Did I say the part about exploiting your babies? You could also hold them up under the arms and make 'em dance.

That's all I can think of now. Wanna watch Carson Daly.. BLAKE SHELTON's gonna be SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE host this week. And music guest too. We're gonna feature the 'verified' and well known #BluesRock sound of @wilybo and @karenak <~~~ yeah, they're clickable.

Oh, if you know your way around @cryptTV ... tweet a '6 SECOND SCARE and ad our #realSNLtalk hashtag too. Comedy and Horror overlap... sometimes unintentionally.

That's all. Tell your friends. 

Have fun... Get famous...

Join us...

Did I mention to always use the 
#realSNLtalk hashtag?

And for impact, all people taking part are going to post the SAME TWEET at 11:30PMest. They're going to say ---
LIVE! from this screen, it's #realSNLtalk! .... Then, for the next 90 minutes, EVERY TIME they post the #realSNLtalk hashtag goes with it.

OK OK OK, I'm done.


if you want me, I'm on Twitter at BILLY KRAVITZ ...and you can click on that too.

please COMMENT and thank you for your support.

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