Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HOW TO MAKE A VAMPIRE... Part III ... 1/13/15

Papa held out his arms and Jonathon went to him. This was, after all, the being responsible for his preternatural existence. They embraced. All was still, save the tiny, dancing flames upon the many candles. The two elferinos and two elferinas hovered about them like angels in a seventeenth century altar piece..... Then he gestured toward Sarah and she approached. Papa hugged them both.

For approximately twenty three heartbeats no one moved. The mole-folk just stood there, like congregants at a strange service. Then, one, wide-eyed mole-girl with a soft mop of dark ringlets, began to sing. She went - I think it's so groovy now that people are trying to get together. I think it's so wonderful that people are finally getting together.... Some of you must know that song.  The others began to clap to the beat. Papa looked into the eyes of his two descendants and smiled. He felt like a mortal, but he was so much more. Blood was a special delicacy, though not a fundamental necessity. And please know, to ordinary  vampires, it is not so much drinking blood, as it is taking lives. They exist independent of the physical world. Oh they feel it. There's gravity and pleasure and wind and rain and music. But they don't need it, though some are weak in that regard.

Papa raised his hand. Instantly, all were silent.... Papa said - Bring me the girls. The mole-people were reluctant to do so, for they so craved the show and none moved, at least not fast enough to satisfy the uber-vampire.... Time for a lesson. Papa pointed to a shifty-eyed mole-man squeezing a pimple. Before the man could go - Me?.. he immediately bounced from the floor, smashed his skull and shoulder into the ceiling, crashed back down and repeated the whole thing two or three times in quick succession, til he was an eighty seven percent dead bloody mess. Some of the mole-children began to cry.... Papa paid them no mind. Just focused on the mole-king (you can tell mole-kings by the squirrel-skin scarf they got wrapped around their neck... some say it ain't exactly squirrel-skin) and said - The girls..... Mole-king looked at Zeke and Ed, his two acolytes. They're real cooperative types. They like being acolytes. Getting a ladder and fishing those two girls up out of the pit (really a storage space that never got its heavy metal door) is a whole lot better than scrapping up an eighty seven percent dead guy. Besides, the girls were naked. They climb out so fast, like an invisible, crazy monkey biting their ass. Not that they got the same ass. Each got an individual ass all her own. First one's a pickpocket. Second one's still saving up for pickpocket school. You know the government don't help with that.
First one's supposed to be Jonathon's 'First Meal.' Number two's the 'Seed Carrier.' I know it's brutal and primitive and wrong, but that's what vampires do. Seed Carriers conceive before he's fully changed, while his seed is still viable. They have a different routine for making female vampires, but I don't know if they want me telling all that. 

Papa looks at the mostly dead guy and snaps his fingers. Guy groans. You could hear shattered bones grind back into place. Heals up real fast... Like a messed up string puppet getting pulled up straight. Now he's just maybe seven percent dead, which is pretty good, since in his natural state he was like nineteen percent dead. 

Naked girls look worried, 'cause being bare and all, getting zapped with magic can hurt. Papa says - Cover them up and get them out of here....

Two mole women lead them off...

Jonathon whispers - W-won't I need them?
Papa caresses the back of his neck and says - No.... Sarah looks pleased....

Then Papa addresses the mole-folks and goes - People of the subterranean tunnels, we bid you adieu...... With that he grabs Jonathon and Sarah. They instantly sublimate up through the ceiling, the actual subway tunnels and the sidewalk, into the cold, night air. Of course all the sublimation power came from Papa. Garden variety vampires can radiate it out a foot or two from their bodies. No telling what a specimen like him can do.

Fourteen heartbeats later a big, black car rounds the corner and stops. Motor purrs. Window comes down. Papa sticks his head in and says - Much obliged, my good man, but I believe we'll manage on our own...

Then he grabs our two main vampires (though Jonathon is still technically mortal) 'round their waists and pfft! they vanish into the ether.... headed for a place, known only to him..... there to do the deed and bring his long lost son back into the fold...


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