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First of all, my name is not misspelled. I write it that way as an allusion to the Hebrew original ----- Yo-nah-tohn. That's all. We get tweets and Emails and all manner of digital messages about it. Please know that a name is a personal thing and mine conforms to basic rules of phonetics, so that's it.

<now back to our story>

Papa doesn't sublimate. He can, if he wants to, but after twenty eight thousand years of paranormal evolution, he has other choices. So at the same instant we left the tunnel, deep under Center City, Philadelphia, we appeared in the castle. And this is not a romantic redoubt out of a courtly fable, but rather a stark, grey fortress set atop a high place on the treeless, Scottish uplands.

There was a huge iron brazier in the middle of the room and if we were mortal we'd have breathed steam. That's how cold it was.  Papa sat down on a large wooden chair. It looked like a feudal throne such as a local laird would have occupied while dispensing justice to his tenants. Maybe it was. Sarah went to the window, really just a narrow opening in the wall. I came up behind and hugged her.  She was so cold.  I looked at Papa. He never made eye contact, but he knew. Two heartbeats later the brazier glowed with a deep, red light. Peat, I think it was. Such a warm, natural fuel. Whether real or just an illusion conjured by our host, I do not know. Does it matter? Soon there were other furnishings in the room. Sarah and I sat down on two, deep, Romanesque chairs, by the brazier. Moonlight streamed in through the window. Save for the occasional low 'pop' from the fire, all was silent. We almost fell asleep...

Then he spoke. Papa said - Please excuse what to you must seem to be unbearable lethargy, but this is how we are..... (more silence)... Sarah said - Who is we?...... Papa studied his hands and said - Old ones.... I said - Where are we?..... The 'Old One' smiled and said - With me..... Then he pointed toward the window and whispered - Look...... We turned. Since the opening was small, we couldn't see much, but a dragon flew by. It was far off and bathed in a silvery, lunar haze and when it passed, two small ones followed after.... Other than that time in London at the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn House, I'd never seen anything like that. Certainly not a family. And I know Sarah hadn't..... I looked at Papa and said - Are you a vampire? I mean 'still.'...
He thought and said - At this point, I don't know and I don't care..... Will you bring me 'over?'.... With that, the sound of Judy Garland singing 'Over The Rainbow,' straight from the nineteen thirty nine movie, quietly radiated out from each and every rough hewn stone of the place..... Papa said - I like that song and don't worry. For your purposes, I can be anything..... A vampire? A life-eater? - I asked. He just nodded and smiled.

The Judy Garland song faded away, replaced by a low, quiet, old tribal chant. Guess he liked that song too. In twenty eight thousand years you hear a lot of them...

Soon I saw the dragons fly back the other way. I suppose they were going home...


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