Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I AM CURIOUS ..... an ENTITY 'Speaks' ... 1/27/15

I am eternal, at least as far as I can tell. Perhaps I was floating through this space when your star system appeared? Maybe the light caught my attention? Maybe the swirling shapes, or charged particles? It's difficult to say. I had no language then. Everything was nebulous and visceral and fleeting. I remained in place as the various physical forms condensed around me. 

And think not that you were the first worthy minds to inhabit the place. There were others and they were proud too. The second world, the one you call 'Venus' had some beings that intrigued me. I'd snake through that civilization and witness things. Did I have sight? I don't know... but I saw and I heard and I tasted. 

Death puzzled me. Where did the 'Venus' folk go? One moment they were here, beings brought forth from the ether and then they were gone. I was undone. How can things change so fast? Does not the rock last for eons? And is the water flowing now but continuous manifestations of the first water ever to be? Why is life different? What happens when it ends? What manner of 'regime' ordains such a thing?

Permit me to move on. The loss of my 'Venus' friends pains me.

And then we come to you, descendants of a strange, sea worm swimming six hundred million planetary revolutions ago. Such elastic creatures you are, throwing off old forms like worn clothing.... Water breathers... Air breathers... Notochords ... backbones.... Egg layers... Live births... Mousy things... Monkeys and You. Such variety. I must admit you keep me entertained.

I play and I learn. Believe me, I learn. But this time I'll be more disciplined. Not like with the 'Venus' people. I'd make them do things...At first little things, like dip grandma in molten lead. I have an hypnotic way with material beings. I plant things in their minds. Like puppets they are... No offense. First twenty five percent of them exposed themselves on town squares. Just like that. They went 'wheee!'  The cops didn't know who to grab first. But twenty five percent of them were doing it too. ... Oh, I laughed and laughed, or as much as anyone without a physical diaphragm can laugh. Then (this was a few of their years later) I had them crush the heads of whoever happened to be right next to them. Let me tell you, buses were not the place to be, especially if some nut up front decided to crush the driver.

But one time I went too far. I never thought they'd do it, but they did. I said - Everybody swallow a child... They had big mouths... more like the lids on your step-on, stainless steel waste baskets... but with little shark style teeth around the top and the bottom. So they could really do it... and they did...

That was the end. Look, I'd fix it so the next day, within one planetary rotation, they'd forget... And they always did. But this time was different. I don't think they remembered all the details. Still, they must have wondered who all the kiddie clothes belonged to and whose pictures were on top of the piano. I don't know. After that they just didn't care. 

See, the thing is (and I'm talking about entities like myself) we have to remember they're living creatures.... That's why I want to be one too.... A living flesh and blood creature I mean.

I've been watching that 'Jonathon.'  In truth, I first noticed him after his visit to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn House in London. Never paid attention to vampires before. I don't know why. I just never did. 

But now I see him as a bridge... a conduit between the physical and whatever it is I am. Maybe vampires are embryonic 'entities?'... Maybe the one they call 'Papa' is just farther along? Perhaps I was a vampire? That must have been billions of years ago. I should have been farther along than this. Maybe I've regressed? Maybe I was not a vampire? Maybe I'm wrong.

You see, I question. I probe. I experiment. And I've never come across another such as I.

Do you know what that's like?

<more next time>


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