Monday, January 26, 2015

YOU WILL NOTICE ME..... The Vampire, Jonathon, Takes The Floor... 1/26/15

Steam rises from my body. A 'gift' from 'Papa.' Mysteries of the blood and all. Now I can generate heat. Well, to be more precise, I can channel heat. If I am cold, I access it. Please don't ask me to explain. I still don't understand all the technicalities. So I make my rounds. The snow doesn't bother me. Perhaps a tiny bit of the sun I cannot see burns within me? I can do many things. But you already know that. I am Jonathon, also known as Tomas and I am vampirino.

I am also reborn, brought back from what I assume is a world beyond this one and robed in a different body. Thankfully, he looks like me. After approximately nine hundred and forty years... (I like to say a thousand) I'm rather set in my ways. Lucky for me, Doctor Franklin understands that. 

The streets bear an icy glaze. Automobiles are off somewhere sleeping. I study my image in store windows. Sometimes a manikin looks back. Certain ones acquire souls, or something very like souls. I nod and they acknowledge me..... Good evening, Sir Night - says a composite and resin little girl in apre ski wear.... She thinks it, but I hear thoughts too..... Who have you killed, this dark time? - she asks..... I say - None but the evil.... Then the figure goes quiet. Manikins are so easily distracted. A taxi stops for the light. I hear Dance Of The Toreadors vibrating out from the vehicle. An opera fan the driver is. I hum a few bars, 'round the corner and continue my nightly constitutional. In years gone by, I'd rest in a telephone booth, waiting for my dinner to approach. Some were dark. The booths, I mean. Burnt out bulbs, you know. Perfect spots for night-folk to hide. I'd sing to my 'feast' and draw them forth. No indiscriminate murderer, I. ... A reverent beast, I am, culling only those needing death. Their faces come to me in visions. An angel says - This soul needs renewal. End the fleshly life and send it back... So I do. I am glad to be of service. Once each month I take this holy 'wine.' But every night I give some back.

Sarah walks the hospitals. I keep to the streets. Tonight I preserved the life of a runaway... a fifteen year old boy. Strange how readily young people accept us now. Why not? In this time of scientific wonderment our far more ancient form of alchemy fits right in. 

I bite into my finger tips. Bright, red droplets well up. I say - Chose life and live, boy. Take what I offer... and he does. Then I give him a check card with two thousand dollars on it. The bank makes them up for us.  They know. The branch manager is a 'familiar.' Saved his wife from morbid obesity once. The blood does that. Seeks balance, health and all that. 'Bank cards,' it's what we do now.

But the boy will live and twelve years hence humanity will have a new Bruce Springsteen.

I go into an all night convenience store. Edith likes Double Stuffed Oreos. They sell Double Stuffed Oreos. I buy some. Vampires do that too. 

It's getting colder. I feel it... even though it doesn't bother me. My sharp leather jacket and water proof fedora take care of that... not to mention the 'internal heating' I told you about. Wonder if I can go all icy in the summer time?

I begin to whistle my 'night song'--- If you go out on the streets tonight, you're in for a big surprise.... Teddy Bears ain't the only ones.

Streets are almost empty. A few strange types are out. Some people love the cold. It numbs them.

Stay safe. Stay warm...


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