Friday, February 6, 2015

2/6/15 ..Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: A VAMPIRINA HELPS AN OLD TROOPER

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: A VAMPIRINA HELPS AN OLD TROOPER: Before we get back to the old man in Jerusalem, I have to tell you what Baylah did. See, this is why vampires are a necessary part of the hu...Excuse the italics, but I like the way it looks and felt like being fancy tonight. Too late to mount a new episode. Was busy with SHORTY AWARDS business. But here's a weird and pixilated peek into Baylah's life with her rich, mortal, boyfriend at the Jersey Shore (she's our Beyonce look-alike vampirina)... Plus a clown who gets caught takin' a toilet break with her Bozo suit down 'round her knees, as she guzzles Jack Daniels from a baby 'sippy cup' strapped on her ankle. Kid sees. Almost goes apoplectic. Moms start screamin'.. dogs start barkin'... Baylah saves her vampire style.

You can read it all by clicking where it says - Vampirina helps an old trooper... up above.... If you like (nice) towns at the Jersey shore... down on they luck clowns and hot, compassionate vampire ladies, this one's for you... Anderson Cooper ain't in this, but it's still real good. 

As always, PLEASE KNOW this isn't the story in question... just a warm up for the real thing. Click where it says VAMPIRINA HELPS AN OLD TROOPER up above and you'll see... Sorry, but I gotta say this. You wouldn't believe what people tweet. Guess they just sleepy.

<more Jonathon and the Entity next time>


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