Thursday, February 5, 2015


They had to part before sun up. Jonathon went up to join Sarah in their sleeping chamber.  The entity spent the day floating around with teachers, parents and grade school kids visiting The Philadelphia Museum of Art. The one with the ROCKY steps, in case you don't know. There are other art museums. That's the big one. The gift shop's to die for.... Ali Baba's cave in facsimile.... tasteful too. Three of the little kids cried, because they 'forgot' to bring money for the 'toy store.'.... Yeah, they got a 'toy store' too.... a separate souvenir shop just for kids. Try and pass it without going in. The docents will kill you. They train them for that. Scratch you with their rings and everything. But being completely telepathic, plus having what amounts to x-ray vision that radiates out globularly in three dimensions, the entity stepped in to help them. He 'whispered' in the little girl's ear - Somebody lost a wallet behind the bust of Amelia Earhart. Look behind the white plinth. It's on the floor...... The girl didn't know what any of that meant on a verbal level, but the entity really knew how to communicate. You know how dogs know what's going on with their limited vocabulary? You know how they just 'get it' on a fundamental level? Well, little kids yearning for toys can do that too. She couldn't tell you why, but for some reason she stepped away from 'somebody's mommy' who was watching them and peeked behind the glossy, white, rectangular platform holding the bust of the famed aviatrix. There it was... a black, leather, man's wallet. She picked it up and looked. It held seven twenty dollar bills. She called her friend. No one noticed. This was a rest break. Everybody sat on heavy, varnished oak benches and went to pee in groups of five. Kids got up. They talked. They sat down. A few spun around and got dizzy. As long as the adults manned the perimeters it was all right. Two children, off in a corner, with their heads together chatting were invisible. They knew numbers. Second graders can count to one hundred. That's why they decided to give forty dollars to a little boy they liked. One hundred dollars they could understand. Beyond that, they just giggled.

So three kids went home with beautiful pleather cased art kits filled with neatly arranged paint pens, colored pencils, water colors, exquisite sheets of artist grade paper and everything else nascent creative souls could possibly need.... with enough left over for many, many trips to the dollar store.

Maybe the entity clouded adult minds too? He must have, because no one asked any questions.

That afternoon, as the sun went down, the ageless spirit-thing 'thought' itself back to the townhouse. Edith knew it was there.  The small, flat-screen television in the kitchen fizzed into static during a cable mockumentary about merfolk (if they only knew) and the gas powered fireplace in the den crackled and popped, something it was not supposed to do..... Edith lowered the shades, drew the curtains and turned on the lights... Not bright... Not glaring... Just enough so 'special' folk could see.

A bit later, Jonathon came down. Sarah came with him. They entered the den, sat on the sofa.... he in his black jeans and leather bootkins.... she in her soft sweaters and fine slacks. Across from them sat the broken, nineteen thirties era, Groucho Marx, effigy figure thing kidnapped from a wax museum. They watched as the entity reclaimed it. The glass eyes rolled. The broken limbs (remember, the figure was originally meant to stand) creaked. The jaw, by this time, hung slack and unsupported, as the thing began to 'speak,' or at least create words in the minds of our vampires. Edith, from her place in the kitchen, heard nothing. She just sat there, leafing through her PEOPLE magazine and watching from the corner of her eye, as it all transpired.

The thing 'said' - If you do this for me, if you dress my soul in flesh,  you shall see wondrous things. For I have read your dreams and weighed your heart and know that which you, yourself have yet to recognize.

What are those 'wondrous things?' - asked Jonathon.

I shall raise up a prince in Israel... not a king, for I know your Earthly faiths and it is not the time for that. Lord of The Galilee, or Sea of Harps, as it was called... Lord of The Negev... Protector of the Plain of Sharon... Defender of the Peace of Jerusalem... Great Steward of The Messianic Throne... Prince of Israel... Do you like that?

Jonathon swallowed and nodded. Sarah took his hand, for she knew how strong he believed.... The entity said - Good, because I just made it up. And if not the Temple... The Tabernacle. I know the politics involved in these things. Irresponsible, I am not. Two principalities I shall raise.... The House of Israel and The House of Ishmael. And they shall achieve together and there shall be peace, just as there was between Israel and Phoenicia under a younger sun..... Well? Shall we do this?

When Edith saw him cry, she knew something was up and silently crept in to see things first hand.

Though for the longest time nothing happened. Jonathon sobbed. Sarah held him and that was it.

The Groucho thing just sat there, slumped in its chair, like a life size, ruined doll.

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