Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This Is How Spirits See ---You Are My Sunshine by Mississippi John Hurt ... 2/4/15

a continuation of yesterday's post~~~

Jonathon feels thing. He really feels things. Many 'noble' vampires do. He's not unique that way. You know how religious he is. And I don't mean ritualistic, although our boy from old Al Andalus is not adverse to the sustaining continuity of it all. A vampire who attends services for The Biblical New Year and Passover Time. He sits in the back (Sarah often goes with him) and he cries. Oh, not theatrically... not so anyone would notice. But he tears up to the point where facial tissue is a necessity. 

So he sits there and he listens to a strange guest... an ageless spirit squatting in a broken wax figure of a nineteen thirties Groucho Marx. Edith tip toes in with a bit of cold, flavored vodka for Jonathon. She gives a nervous, little smile to the grotesque 'Pinocchio' seated a few feet away. He can't smile back. The broken armature under the wax won't let him. But from somewhere deep inside the kidnapped 'Captain Spaulding' come a quiet, 'hullo.'...... Edith nods. How many people get to trade social niceties with a witness to 'creation?'.... Well, if not to the universe, at least to the galaxy.

The entity addressed Jonathon and said - Do you know how I see things?..... Jonathon shook his head.... The thing said - Everything is grey. Not the same shade. But it's all grey. Dense material is darker. More nebulous things have a lighter shade. There are countless shades of grey, though I rarely see true white, for even space is not an absolute vacuum. And I rarely see true black. Even entities such as I fear black holes. When I look at you, I see the bones within your body. I see the keys in your pocket, the zipper on your pants. I see old, thick beams in the walls. And oddly enough, windows look dark to me. Glass is fairly dense. You have a very well-formed skull. Did you know that?..... Jonathon whispered - No...... The spirit went on - Your sun is a charcoal disc on a white sky. Shades of Grey... that's all I see. But my field of vision is complete... three hundred and sixty degrees, you might say. I see through the floor, down through the basement and into the soil and rocks beyond. It never stops. I see everything and nothing. ... Sound is like that too. Don't ask me to go into it. 

The thing stopped. It was quiet. Jonathon just sat there. He sipped his drink. Vampires, as you know, can tolerate clear, or almost clear, liquids...... The entity said - I can see the organs and structures move in your throat when you do that. Will you help me? I've been like this forever. My kind never changes. I can't adapt. I don't even know why I'm here.

What do you want me to do? - asked Jonathon.

Liberate me - said the thing. Help me see the sun and sky... help me see the world as it is. Stop the teeming storm I live in now.  

Then it jerked the 'Groucho' hands up to it's face, and sobbed.... But all these physical manifestations were merely for effect. The wax figure was just a puppet. Jonathon knew that.

Truly disembodies spirits... entities that have never been flesh, suffer spells. They crave bodies. They need freedom. They drift among the stars. It never ends.

Why is it in our material world at all?

Enjoy the sunshine and all the pretty colors.

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