Monday, February 9, 2015


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Edith wanted to remove the grotesque wax figure. She was the one who had to look at it all day. I suppose their 'blogger,' Billy had to deal with it too. But he'd hide up in his cozy, little room under the eaves all day typing away and tweeting to people. Sometimes he just slept, or ate whatever food he had in the tiny refrigerator up there. For a city room, it was very quiet. Occasionally the little ghost boy from the basement came up to visit. Billy'd tell him stories about an addled knight named Sir Bertram Buckleberry. I don't know where they got the name, but the ghost boy liked it. Then, when he wasn't upstairs (Billy, I mean) he'd bundle up and go out, usually to a coffee bar, or a book shop, or a walk-about.

No, Edith had to confront the sinister, broken, Groucho Marx thing herself. Once she threw an old table cloth over it. But she swore she saw the head move under the creamy damask.
So she'd sit in the kitchen. There was a scaled down seating area adjacent to the backdoor... two small club chairs... a table... a lamp. She could see the twenty one inch, flat screen TV from there too. And the powder room was right nearby. So that's where she stayed. Housekeeping duties would have to wait until the broken, human effigy sitting in the den was gone. She did fix dinner for Billy and herself. Well, what she called 'dinner' was his late lunch. Though Edith hated handling knives now, especially the big, sharp kitchen knives. She'd hear noises... muffled words...a quiet, whispering, steady voice telling her to take a knife (one of the sharp ones) and force it into the flesh of her neck til she felt the tip puncture her esophagus.... It would cajole and plead and cry.... She caught herself raising the knife and staring at her reflection in the blade. What would it be like to saw through the gristle of her own food pipe?..... Steve Harvey saved her. He said something on the TV that caught her attention. She put the knife down. Now light can be grey and low on a Philadelphia winter afternoon. Shadows can play tricks. But Edith swears the thing on the chair in the den looked at her. She said a Piney Prayer, threw a hoo-doo and tried to ignore it, though the gaze was still the same. Worst of all... it tried to smile.

When Billy came down a bit later to see if she wanted anything at the market (vampires do drink tea and coconut water and things like that) she grabbed her coat and scarf and said - That's alright. I'll go..... Then she ran out into the cold, damp air and didn't come back til sundown. Billy said - It's a quarter to six. What took so long?..... Edith nervously put everything away and said - Nothing. sometimes it just takes long. That's all.

Billy said - Should I ask Groucho if he wants a piece of cheese?....... They always bought blocks of Cracker Barrel cheese.... Edith said - What are you playing around for? That's not funny.

But Jonathon and Sarah didn't come down til seven fifteen. Vampires always rise with the darkness. That was six o'clock... maybe ten after six. Also Jonathon was blind in one eye and that wasn't funny at all.

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