Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Jonathon came down just after sunset. The sky was a pale, somber, watery blue. Vampires like it that way. Some venture out when there's still quite a bit of light in the sky. People see them. Children are still playing. It all seems so natural. Night-folk are great at obfuscation. He was about to leave the house for a quick stroll... let the neighbors see him and all. Granted, their block was quiet. Not too many people about. But there's always a few. Though before he got to the door, Edith grabbed him. She said - Jonathon, Billy never got up. I listened at the door. He's still sleeping. Jonathon, it's a quarter to six (dusk comes later in February).

He turned and went back up. Edith followed. Sarah was coming down when they entered the hall... She knew something was wrong. Actually, Jonathon did too, from the moment he opened his eyes. Vampires are attuned to such things. Yet their brain is still a human brain and quite prone to denial. 

They stood by the door and listened. But these are not the hollow interior doors you may be used to. These are solid wood... historical accuracy, you know. Society Hill people are very picky about that. Some hide flat screens behind paintings and refrigerators behind cabinetry and skeletons in closets and dirty socks under the bed. But that's another story.

Jonathon knocked. He said - Billy? Billy? Are you alright?.... (no answer). He tried to open the door, but it was locked. So he sublimated his hand through the wood, reached back and fiddled with the latch. They went in. The room was dark, but they could hear the breathing ...and something else. Edith switched on the light. Small glistening shapes scurried everywhere. Billy slept on a mound of them. They explored his nostrils... his mouth... under his t-shirt and inside his tightie-whities. The three of them just stood there. Sarah said - Why can't I smell them? (vampires have a keen sense of smell). Jonathon went to the dresser and tried to brush them off, but his hand went right through them. Sarah said - Are you sublimating?... He shook his head and whispered - No, they're sublimating through me. 

It's a hoo-doo - said Edith. Like a dream, or ghost stuff. Something's in here. That thing from the wax figure. It never left.

Then she mumbled a prayer, or some kind of incantation and they vanished. Just turned to smoke and blew away.

The bed was just a bed. Billy slept under the covers. They tried to wake him... but he just slept.  That part of the 'ghost stuff' held true.

Entities have other ways to explore a host.

Billy trembled. He was cold. Edith got another blanket and covered him.

Jonathon looked concerned...

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