Tuesday, February 24, 2015

They Hear KILL DA WABBIT As An Entity Settles In... 2/25/15

I'll take over now. It's me. It's Zebulon, your second favorite disembodied spirit. Thirteen when I died, but been doing this for twenty one hundred years, so, uh. I know what I'm doing.

Billy won't wake up. They try everything. Sarah dribbled a few drops of vampire blood between his lips. Edith threw hoo-doo's. Jonathon said prayers. He has this exorcism rite he does. But it didn't do anything. They called a doctor... a 'familiar' doctor. He helps them and they help him. Sometimes he screws up with a kid. Parents get sad and all. Doc gets scared he might be sued. So he gets a few drops of night-folk blood and stirs it into the kid's cough syrup. Twelve hours later, the little bundle wakes up, opens his eyes, smiles, gurgles and goes - Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya!.... And everybody's happy. Nobody knows what he did. nobody has to know. Now he's over here at the townhouse returning the favor. Got a portable cardiogram machine and everything. Some stuff for rudimentary blood test. Sets it up on the desk where the laptop usually is. They all stand around watching. Sarah's real scared. She actually knew Billy back when she first ran the book store. He used to go into Philadelphia After Dark. She was mortal then. They talked. She'd recommend books. Now she's a vampire and he's their designated blogger. Boy life is strange. Jonathon doesn't say much. But he's worried too.  Edith knits. She sits and knits. That's what she does when she's nervous. Makes scarves and gloves for the elferinos and elferinas. Makes little ones for the cherubs too. They don't talk about them much, but they're out there. 

Sarah quietly says - Is he alive?..... 
Doctor says - Sort of. If I go by the readings. Blood oxygenation within normal range. Brain waves make sense. He responds to stimuli. Not much, but he responds. Definitely not a vegetative state. Body temps a bit low, but that happens. Everything's as it should be.
Then what's wrong? - says Jonathon.
His heart. His heart's not beating- says the doctor.
What do you mean 'his heart's not beating?' -says Jonathon.
I mean there's no muscular contraction. No nothing. It's inert. Yet everything is normal, as if it was beating - says the doctor. And they can see how puzzled he is. 
Sarah says - What do we do now?
He just shrugs.
Give him some water. Not a lot. Just a little bit. See if he swallows - says Edith.
You want him to choke? You want him to aspirate it into his lungs? - goes the doctor.
You said his heart's not pumping. So I assume his lungs ain't workin' either - she says.
What are you? Are you a doctor? - he goes.
Look who's talkin'! You almost killed a kid, you son of a bitch. And now because a them, you're off the hook. Gonna submit a bill and grab plenty. Sure 'cause a what THEY done - goes Edith.
He makes like she's not even worth acknowledging. She picks up on that and continues - Let your mother make a fuss over you. We're done with that. .... Then he gulps. She can see him swallow. She hit home. She knows. Good.
Jonathon goes - Get some water.....
Sarah hurries into the bathroom, finds the paper cups, fills one and comes back.
Doctor goes - Give it to me. I'll give it to him. If he swallows... if he can still swallow, that's a good sign. If not... (he just trails off)...
Then he pinches the rim of the cup to make a little spout and goes to pour a drop or two in Billy's mouth. But his hand's shakin'. It's really shaking. And the water falls on his chin. Only thing is, it doesn't run down his jaw onto the pillow. Just seems to 'fizz' through his skin. Body just absorbs it.
Jonathon sees. He says - give him more. Pour it on his forehead. See what happens...
The doctor does. Same thing happens. It just 'goes in' through the skin.
Doctor goes - He, he's taking it. He's not swallowing, but he's taking it.
No shit, Doctor Bombay - goes Edith. You think witchy-woman don't know that. He's skin drinkin'. What's in him wants the water and that's how it takes it.
You know what I think it's like? - says the doctor (not to her, to Jonathon). It's like a pole change. Like a polar shift. Something's taking over. Everything's shifting. I don't know how to get him back... He looks toward Sarah and goes - Can I have a drink? Not water. Not that. Do you have any vodka?....
Well, you know how them vampires are with vodka?...
Sarah goes - Yes, what kind?
Orange? You have that? - he goes...
Give me a minute - she says. Then she runs downstairs to get it.
Edith chuckles, but never drops a stitch.

While deep within his body, sealed in darkness, the part that's Billy shrinks down into a singularity and keeps on going, as a vast smothering force presses in from all sides.

Sarah returns with the vodka and hands it to the doctor who gulps it down. But the TV remote fell, or something and BOOM, flat screen snaps on and  lights up with Elmer Fudd in a metal hat going - Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!... Doctor almost chokes. Edith breaks into a fit of laughing and starts humming along. 

Jonathon picks up the remote and turns it off.


As deep within the prison of his hyjacked body, Billy weakly goes - Kill da wabbit. Kill da wabbit.


As an alien voice whispers something in a strange, clicking tongue.

<more next time>


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...I never cease to be amazed at the creative stamina of producing a daily piece in concert with this entire theme, Billy... excellent stuff, my friend:)