Friday, February 27, 2015


Zebulon, the disembodied spirit, narrates, as he's done so many times before----

Billy slept on. Apparently the entity was having problems. It's not always easy settling into a new physical body, especially if the body in question stems from an entirely different genome. Doctor Franklin told us that. Jonathon called him. Who else did we have? Look, he already knew all about it. It's not like his Bureau doesn't watch this place round the clock. I know they get images from some kind of space probe. You know how real estate sites on line can focus all the way down to bird droppings on your car? Well, so can they. They have this device to detect and read gaseous emissions too. Can tell what's in here... who's in here and what (or who) they had for lunch. Saw the entity enter the house. Not the actual energy field, if that's the right word for it, but the battered Groucho Marx, Madame Tussaud's wax figure it inhabited. They're talking about that now.....

Edith lit a couple aroma candles in the den. Place didn't have any green apple, so she got spring meadow. Figured winter's lasted long enough. And you know how vampires are about aromas. didn't say anything, so I suppose it was alright. Fireplace was on. The good vodka was out. Doctor Franklin asked for Doritos. Three hundred and eight year old, harmonically preserved patriots have skewed tastes. That's just how it is. 

Jonathon said - How did he walk here? How did he control that Grougho thing? He... well, we call it a 'he,' can't effect matter. Can he? ...
Doctor Franklin interjected - I believe we went over this before. He doesn't move mater directly, but he can 'talk' to it.. communicate with the particles and if they're amenable, the matter moves. But he tires quickly and can only keep it up for short periods of time Maybe entities experience troughs and crests? Now he's in a trough. Who knows how long it will last?

Sarah said - What's going to happen to Billy?... The Doctor thought and said - It all depends on how long the entity 'keeps' him and other things too. The creature, when it was originally in physical form, was in no way human, or even remotely related to humans.
Alien life is like that. I know you're aware of Europa and what goes on out there. You know. Disembodied entities are most successful when they possess one of their own, or perhaps a form very closely related. This 'thing' was originally a praying mantis, a very civilized praying mantis, but an insect-like thing the size of Sea-biscuit. What can I tell you? His limbs were different than ours. His organs functioned differently. His nervous system, and that's like his switchboard, in no way resembles ours. He breathed through spiracles, for God's sake.
I don't think he can reconcile the way his mind works with a human body. It's like putting an octopus in a suit of armor, or a human skeleton in a jellyfish.

But he did this before? - asked Edith. How did he manage then?... Who knows if he did? - said Franklin. Maybe all those times were with creatures like him, or somewhat like him. And he will eventually create some type of interface. The only thing is, when that happens the unrelated body wears out fast. The entity loses interest, surrenders the deteriorating physical mess and the host dies.

They just sat there. For almost four and a half years the mortal blogger was one of the family. They didn't want to lose him.

Then the 'Discoverer of electricity' said - We can always find a more suitable host. We can lure it out of Billy.

Do you have any suitable candidates? - asked Jonathon. I don't think a garden variety Earth praying mantis would do.

Give me time - said the Doctor.

How much time? - asked Sarah.

I don't know - whispered Doctor Franklin.

While upstairs, in Billy's room, the disembodied spirit entity slowly learned how to play human genitalia by ear... which is pretty hard for a creature that never had any... Ears, I mean...

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