Saturday, March 28, 2015


I'm trying to be quiet. Everyone else is sleeping. Night-folk, day-folk, everybody. Edith bought some grappa. I like grappa. think it's like a crude type of wine...very light... almost clear. And it's cold too. 

Annie wants to be a blood vial girl. Sarah says she doesn't have to, because she does that. I say how's she going to get into hospitals and houses anyway? She can't sublimate. She can't move through matter..... She goes - So? SO? SOOO!!??... Then she gives me an old fashioned razor blade, the kind that goes into a heavy, stainless steel, 'safety razor' from years ago and says - Please? Please? Please?..... She wants me to slice into my finger tips and let the blood run into one of those little test tube things she has so she can give it to 'nice' sick people. I say - How will you know who the nice ones are?.... She shrugs.... But with that aura of hers, she will know... Am I supposed to just give her the blood? ...She's serious about this. I say - Here's money. Go give them money. That'll help... And she takes it. She gives it out, but she wants more.

I think she misses her vampiric abilities. Edith says she might develop powers of her own. Annie says - What kind? How long? Tell me..... Says what she really wants to be is a zombie killer. Look, it's not like in stories. We're not overrun with decomposing, shuffling idiots. But they are out there. They are around. You remember Uther aus Ulm, the uber zombie... 'Fleisch Esser' he calls it. Google it if you don't, or if you're new. My God... Eight hundred thousand words... Must be more than eight hundred thousand words by now. 

Billy's getting desperate. He blames us. He says we want the fame. I don't know. Maybe we do, a little bit. But he really wants it. That's why he's on Twitter all the time... social networking and all that... What if it works? Who'd play me in the movie?... Who'd be Jonathon ben Macabi, also known as Tomas de Macabea... If they filmed at night, maybe I could play myself?... Hope there's no dancing in it. ... Listen to me. I sound crazy.

I decided on little rectangles of gold bullion for the 'Baby Moses Baskets.' They sell them in the Jewelry District...'Jewelers' Row.' I don't know where I'll leave them, or who might get them.... A long time ago, we used to put beautiful little dolls in the baskets... Pequenos Moises we called them. I could give you the Hebrew and Arabic for it, but I'm too tired. My mind is in English mode now. We used to hide all the little treasures around the doll and tuck it in with a warm soft blanket... Some of the old dolls are valuable relics now. Few know they originally represented Baby Moses. Boy, was he ever the poster boy for adoption... 'Poster boy'... Look how I use terms like that..

Please excuse me. I know there's two more hours of darkness, but I am so tired. Maybe not the way mortals get tired, but I still crave my rest.

Sleep, whether vampire, or mortal is such a special thing.

(with that, He gets up, clicks off the TV, which was really functioning as a night light anyway... closes the laptop, turns off the lamp and goes upstairs... the little ghost boy from the basement materializes out of the darkness and watches him leave)

<more next time>


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