Sunday, March 29, 2015


Jonathon studied his image in the bathroom mirror. The changes were subtle, but real, just the same. And even if this was his second body, it was still a remarkable match. Doctor Franklin arranged it that way. But there were differences. The skin seemed even smoother...more like it always was. You must remember that Jonathon was only eighteen when the burden fell upon him. The second body was twenty eight... ten years difference. Yet whatever incongruencies still remain diminish every night.

Perhaps what they say is true? The brain and body are but the 'switchboard' by which the soul effects and experiences the world. Maybe Jonathon's essence, what he truly is, his soul, tweaks the equipment (his body) a bit? Whatever the cause, the original Jonathon, in a physical sense, is coming back. He could play the guitar again and the oud. His hands knew the way and he liked that. Even the moles were changing. Everything returned to how it was. Sarah noticed too. She bathed him. after all and knew parts of his form even better than he did. They laughed about it. She said - I suppose I'm the 'older woman' again... For her form was naturally twenty eight years old. He bit her and said - You don't taste old....She said - Are you sure?..... He went back for another kiss. She watched him savor it and whispered - Well?... He said - No, not old, but let me sample somewhere else... And she purred, as he did...

Vampirinas can purr. Did you know that? Vampirinos too.

And the hot, soapy water positively vibrated, as they savored each other's most vulnerable parts, there in that dim, candlelit bathroom.

Thus passed an evening in the townhouse. Were they always true to each other? Well, I suppose in their fashion. For night-folk see things differently. It's not who you tickle. It's who you love.

I am not Billy and I am not one of the disembodied spirit narrators you know. I'm not Mister Never-You-Mind, or Zebulon, or Johannon.... I am 'me' and I am just passing through. But I thought you'd like to know, or at least reacquaint yourselves with what you once knew.

Now, let me take my leave, for the ethereal winds bear me someplace else.

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