Thursday, March 5, 2015


They laid Billy's body on a large stainless steel table. He was not actually dead, just in retreat. The entity was in control. I suppose the whole experience was rather like being the victim of a violent home invasion... tied up, gagged and watching helpless, as other hands violate your life.

Technicians wired him up, attaching sensors to all parts of his body. Luna was there, besides being a physician, she is a vampirina too after all. Look at her, in that white coat, her sandy colored hair tied back. I don't know where she hunts, or who she hunts. Maybe the Anti-Enchantment Bureau brings in victims for her. She's so clinical and practiced. Believe me. I've been a disembodied, spirit narrator (somewhat like the entity, but not remotely as old, or of such exotic background) a long time and I've never seen any other night-folk like her. Grace Kelly with fangs. Not lurid, comic book fangs, but neat, little sharp pointed teeth.

Doctor Franklin floated around behind all the action. He wasn't flying. Nothing like that. Rode his scooter... that little electric thing he has. Oh, he did put on a fresh, Philadelphia Eagles sweat suit.  The team made sure he had plenty of those. Some of them were sterile. But he could see what was going on. Barked directions every now and then. After centuries of scientific inquiry, what discipline didn't he know? Franklin was 'the Wizard,' so to speak. He had his hand in everything. 

Then they wheeled in the orangutan. Jamba was strapped down on his own stainless steel table, but he hadn't yet been sedated. And he seemed so sad, stretching his huge neck to look around and take it all in... rather like a human abducted by aliens. Orangutans are such quiet, abiding beasts. He makes faint, little moaning sounds. Those straps must really be strong. 

Blood tests disclosed they were both type O. humans and other Great Apes share most blood traits. Staffers decided to transfuse a bit of blood from one participant to the other. Not much. Just a little. In that way, the entity might grow confused and wander into the other host. Perhaps the greater strength of the orange ape might attract it?

I think magnetism played a part too. Spirits are made of energy, or they manifest as energy in our world, which is essentially the same thing. If the subtle magnetic fields 'round Billy's body and the ape's can be brought into synchronicity, the transfer might, more readily take place.

And it seemed the entity noticed. Great knots of flesh roiled under Billy's skin. Technicians rolled around the tall, pole-like magnets, the better to stabilize the field. If you've ever seen those outdoor heaters restaurants use to warm alfresco diners on chill evenings, you sort of know what they look like. 

But then Billy tensed... more than tensed... He convulsed, arching up from the table, as if his spine would break. His eyes bulged, like two, wet, blue-pink orbs. His body trembled. Luna bit into her lip, wiped a drop of blood on her finger tip and put it in his mouth. You know how efficacious small applications of night-folk blood can be. She also gave a drop to the orangutan to equalize their 'environments.' Must make things homey for that spirit thing.

Then they watched, as tiny, pale green praying mantises erupted all over Billy's sweat soaked skin....

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Denise Lay said...

Awesome..can't wait too see what becomes of this twisted fate of Billy!

Billy Kravitz said...

It's fun being both a character and a writer in a tale that blends the non-fiction and the not quite non-fiction.. Thing is, if you tweak everybody's life a little, we're ALL worthy of cable series'! One sentence can do it... all you have to add is --- And every year, like clockwork, she attended the Bilderberg Conference...