Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Joe Cocker - I Shall Be Released (Live at Woodstock 1969) <~in my mind, end song to PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK

This is not my regular post. that will come later. This is just an insight into my 'cinematic' feelings and vision. Vampire Wonderland is a big lose nebula based on my real screenplay, PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK, a much tighter and focused piece. The characters are similar, though there are differences. Jonathon is a minor Scots aristocrat. Sarah is still Sarah. They have a spiritual adviser named ROLAND. You see parts of him here broken up among a few characters. He's a life-eater holy man... half Celtic Christian... half Byzantine Jew. His parents met on Pilgrimage over fifteen hundred years ago. Then we have 'The Khan,' our puck and maybe the hand that stirs the pot. The townhouse is still there. The mysterious all night bookshop remains, as do the elferinos and cherubs. We have other characters too.

And at the end, just before the credits roll, when it's all over, we hear the song up above. Please listen and enjoy.

The script only exists in hard copy. Maybe some night a real movie person will read this and ask to see it? 

Who knows?

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