Wednesday, March 4, 2015


In the 'real' parallel universe tonight. Twitter page all messed up. Looks like somebody cut up all the elements of a regular page and scrambled them up. Hard to read and navigate. Makes me seasick. So I went to my old highschool year book page and looked around over there. Never knew how to navigate that site either. Lot a fun. Will go back and post pictures when I learn how. I guess those yearbook sites are like a variation of FaceBook. Took my mind off Twitter problems. Some people say Twitter goes screwy when hacked and to change my password. I don't know. will do so tomorrow. Too late for that. 

You know what I really want to write about? MARS.... Was never there or anything, but very attracted to the place. Looks like Gobi Desert. Would like to do more EL RANCHO TEXACO story arcs. This time a prequel about first settlers, the original 'troopers' who went out on the first ArchAngel class ships right after initial terraforming. Early days in desert towns. Big land holdings. how the Texacos got their place, El Polva Rosa. The growth of capital city, Barsoom (pronounced BARsum). First taste of Tuva-Tuva culture. Every settlement got a WalMart and a Cabella's. The WEST will live again.

Who knows? Your kids and grandkids might establish powerful Martian dynasties? Gonna carve the place into states--- North Mars, South Mars, East Equator, West Equator, Mars Montana and the Federal District of Barsoom. 

Whole place still part of America. Martian leader not called President. He, or she's called 'the Secretary, as in Secretary of Mars... a cabinet level position, although voted by the local constituency. Them what read the first EL RANCHO TEXACO arc know planetary anthem's SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON.... America's anthem (America includes Earth, Moon, Mars, Europa plus a 'twilight zone' outpost on Mercury. Them what's been out there 'go all Kansas' from the sight of a threatening, bloated sun. Term means crazy. Sun's called 'Kansas,' 'cause one of the few times it's actually been given a name is in Frank L. Baum's THE WIZARD OF OZ ---- 'and Kansas, she said was the name of the star.'

Oh, yeah... one other thing... Martian dialect a kind a South Texas, Spanish-English patois. Comprende, partner? 

And befor I sign off for the night/morning, 'born' Martians a tall and lanky breed. Less gravity does that... longer bones... longer spaces between 'em... Not giants...just taller.

Maybe y'all come out one year for the Bartlesboro Stampede?

MARS is a place... or soon will be.

Hasta la proxima, amigos.


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