Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Jonathon speaks tonight. Billy is still indisposed. Much better, but not really able to produce much that you would want to read. His mind wanders. Such was his ordeal.

But I will use this time to assert myself a bit and put forward my own ideas and viewpoints. I know it sounds strange, but I want some independence. I want a Twitter site of my own. No Billy. No filter. Just me. How this is done, I know not. But I have watched others at this device (thus my typing tonight) and am quite sure I can learn. 

You might be surprised by the things I say. Oh, I have communicated before right here. But Twitter is a different thing.. So immediate and real... a conversation with the world... And I do know a lot about the world.

But what's this 'avatar' thing and how do I get one? It is known that in the long ago days of the blessed Daniel and Nehemiah (who have I left out?) Persian Jews traveled east to confer with Dharmic believers in Bactria and the surrounding principalities. Although their realization of the Divine was quite different, their morals and philosophy were not. Indeed, we learned a lot from them, as the last books in out Holy Canon attest. 

Avatar meant (still does, I think) an earthly illustration of the 'godhead.' We had fits over that term. He who made all (and that includes every galaxy and universe) Is One and inviolate. Thus we, His sentient, soul-filled children, regardless of form, are one and inviolate too. But we persevered for conversation was of the highest order and the food, being vegetarian, posed no problem to 'our side.'

Well, getting back to that 'avatar' thing...divine, I am not.  Indeed, in the past, Sons of Israel, as well as Sons of Ishmael, made not graven images, lest simpletons used them for idols. But now one sees representations of humans and animals all about us. Even Ishmaeli kings grace magazine covers. So I, obviously, want to share my countenance with the world... whether via photography, or more painterly pursuits I have not yet decided.

Perhaps I will contact, or be contacted by one of you... a person who reads this... and if God wills it, that person will be an artist. Maybe an arrangement might be reached, where that new found ally would supply likenesses in exchange for illustrative credit. I am told this blog thing is evolving toward book form, so such a relationship would prove beneficial to us all?

How vain I am. How vain all night-folk are. I hope you do me justice.

As they say--- So let it be written... So let it be done.

It is midnight here and I am finished --- selah.

<more next time>


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Bill Meeker said...

You really nailed this one, Billy!