Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Holds you Here?... 3/11/15

Everyone is at risk. The phenomenon is well documented. No one knows the cause. No one knows how to prevent it. I'm talking about 'winkers,'... people who are there one minute and gone the next. It happens in that instant when you look away, or leave the room to get pretzels. The neighbor lady was right there, leafing through your OK Magazine and eating Girl Scout Cookies. But then... when you return, the Samoas are there. The magazine's on the floor, though the neighbor lady's vanished. She's not in the powder room, nor snooping through your mail scattered atop the dining room table. The door's locked. Your husband is upstairs sleeping and the kids are safe in 'juvvie' hall. They're coming back, but she ain't. The universe just winked her out of existence, or transfered her somewhere's else.

We do know that atomic particles can be instantaneously sent from one point to another. At times it happens spontaneously. Now you see it. Now you don't. This is like that, except the particles are a bit larger.  And I'm not talking about alleged government experiments, such as the one in the Philadelphia Navy Yard circa 1943. Doctor Franklin supposedly knows something about that, but he won't tell you anything.

I'm talking about S.M.T. ---- spontaneous matter transference.... the mysterious 'little sister' to spontaneous human combustion. I know a lot of S.H.C. stories stem from the accidental witnessing of vampire feedings. Victims always ignite into 'cool' blue flames and burn to ash. You know how many drained lifeless bodies they'd have on You Tube otherwise?But even so, SOME cases appear to occur in and of themselves. And certain instances are never explained.

Imagine walking along a city street, taking in the scene, checking yourself out in shop window, humming little tunes, when ZAP!... your eyes behold the orange skies of Mars, as your skin instantly freezes and your lungs turn to glass..... Even worse, you solidify deep within a twenty two hundred degree magma chamber. How long would it take to die? How long does it take for a brain to burn?

Now, to be truthful, no one ever disappears while being watched, even if just momentarily... a stranger's glance will do. It's like the old scientific maxim --- measuring something both validates it and alters it at the same time.... They 'look' therefore I 'am.' Maybe that's why so many people crave fame? To be seen is to exist....

They say perfectly preserved, dead bodies have been found sealed within seams of granite, hundreds of meters beneath the surface. And desiccated naked bodies (four to be exact) were reported by crew members on Apollo Fourteen half way to the Moon.

Que sera sera.

What will be, will be.

Wasn't supposed to post tonight.Lot a chores today...busy and all that.

But this just busted into my mind and I wanted to share it.

Good night...

See you in the morning.


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