Saturday, May 16, 2015


Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: A VAMPIRE ROMANCE IN OLD TARANTO OR POSSIBLY BARI: The cozy, little bistro closed for the night and so the vampires returned to the street. It was two in the morning. The city was quiet. Som...

Quite difficult it is to blog with a ninety one year old and three months uncle in the house. He thinks computers are only for finding sales at supermarkets. Even the say-hello-to old-friends-and-cousins of FaceBook seems a disgraceful waste to him. He bends over me (nose dripping all the time) looking at weird-crazy-idiot nonsense he can't possibly understand...

It's very hard to blog under conditions like that. I don't know how those 'mommy blogs' do it with all them hair pulling, gurgling toddlers around. But at least the toddlers are charming. 

I will try to fashion a fresh post later tonight... before and after our SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE simultaneous tweet thing ... <~~~ You can click on it. And you're all invited to take part. Share you ORIGINAL humor and feedback. Just because Lorne didn't hire us (ANY of us) doesn't mean we can't hire ourselves... 

Til then, click on the 'Vampire Romance in Old Taranto...' thing up above and see a popular post from years ago.

But please try to join us for that SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE thing. We meet under the #SNL4fun banner. Please use that hashtag everytime you share material. Gathering under the same 'flag' gives us all much greater visibility.... Some weeks we almost TREND... Getting close... And that hashtag isn't minne or anyone else's... It belongs to ALL OF US and it helps all of us grow our sites. 

Take a chance. Get famous. Try it. 

Til then...


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  1. Looks like I missed an event.
    The elderly vs computers.. best to stay away from that situation unless you're making money teaching someone the fundamentals.

  2. think you're referring to our #SNL4fun thing... a weekly LIVE TWEETING during airing of SNL.. We use show as a jumping off point and post our own observations and humor. Figured if LORNE never hired us, we can hire ourselves. It's open to everyone. Come around next week if you like. During summer reruns we REALLY go off on tangents... think is to remember to include #SNL4fun hashtag in each tweet so we ALL get added visibility from posting under the same banner.


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