Tuesday, May 19, 2015


If a tree falls in the forest and nothing with ears is anywhere around, did it still make a noise? Who the hell cares? The tree still knows it's dead, or that it's gonna soon BE dead. And isn't that the important thing?....

Same with terrified old lady in remote, Piney cabin. She can scream, or make like a shrill, choking sound. But who's she gonna impress? So she looks up at the dried wood of that old coffin looming over the side of her bed and moans. It's dark. She's alone. She can barely see. Maybe it's a dream? Who knows? She one time had a dream that little mushroom people (like from Fantasia) were shuffling 'round her room. At first they were cute. She said - Awww... Then they lifted their heads and looked up, revealing lobster faces. Look in that tank next time you go to the supermarket. Lobsters have horrible faces.... tiny little repulsive claws passing food toward a mouth that's basically a sphincter. Can you imagine being in HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS and fighting against the suction from one a them? You'd just die... You'd just die...and be glad you did, 'fore a little claw nips off a leg, or an ass-cheek or a wee-wee. I guess the little claws are like the beak and the actual mouth is just a primitive pie-hole.

Only this wasn't a dream, 'cause when old lady mumbles - I'm dreaming. Please, God, let me be dreaming...... A weak, hoarse voice from inside the coffin says - No, you ain't... as the foot end of the dead box pivots up to the level of her bed. She backs up against the wall, for her resting place was in a corner and save for the right side and the foot end offered no escape.

Soon she was pinned against the wall, but then the coffin backed off a little, sliding across the old, laundered sheet til there was room for the lid to swing open. That's when she saw the grinning, desiccated corpse. Cadaverous arms reached out to embrace her. She whimpered - no.. no... no. But the coffin squeezed in til she couldn't move at all, pressing her against the brittle, crumbling bones.

Then the lid snapped shut.

Later, after daybreak, an escaped, homicidal killer broke into the cabin, planning to slaughter the old lady... But she was nowhere to be seen. Save for a stale, coarse, dry, powdery stink, all was as it should be  and he made do  with an old golden thimble and two gold crowns. Must have happened when it snatched her...

God knows where that coffin is now. Some say they go back to old graveyards...

Can't tell you how long it took for the poor lady to die. That, I do not know..

Pines shares SOME secrets, but not all...

Who the desiccated corpse was, I also don't know.

Now it's 3:20AMedt and I gotta stop... And I'm quite aware of that scraping noise from the basement, but I just choose to ignore it...


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